AreaDocks opens Arearredo, a new space dedicated to projects

AreaDocks opened the new Arearredo space, dedicated to the conception and furniture supply for different settings. A partnership with MDF Italia for the opening night. Guest of honor Jean Marie Massaud
A.I. Lounge

AI vs. human creativity?

AI can inspire new, agile approaches; it enables the passage from pure imagination to tangible development to take place very quickly, exploiting and combining unexpected and diverse sources of information. In the field of...
Perennials Fabrics and Rugs

Designing style, with the sea in your heart

The Texas-based company Perennials Fabrics and Rugs, a leader in the international sector of design, luxury fabrics and accessories, has chosen the Monaco Yacht Show to present its latest project, the collection of fabrics...

Francisco Gomez Paz. New frontiers in lighting technology

The Mesh chandelier by Luceplan represents the latest chapter of a research project by Francisco Gomez Paz centred on the expressive potential of LED lighting. The Argentine designer describes the philosophy and evolution of a design poised between technology and aesthetics.

Decor, Arturo Alvarez style

Immersed in nature, close to Santiago de Compostela, Arturo Alvarez has been designing and manufacturing lighting fixtures for more than 20 years. From the concept to the artisan production, every product is the outcome of a process of technique and engineering together with “can do” craftsmanship.

Natasha Baradaran at Milan Design Week

"This presentation is special for me, as I grew up between L.A. and Milan, spending summers visiting my grandfather who was a rug dealer in Milan," explains Los Angeles-based interior designer Natasha Baradaran. She's...

Scavolini, elegance in the details

The Juno bathroom has many advantages, but to list only the foremost, we could mention high aesthetic quality, effective modular design and special attention to detail, as in the J-shaped handle grip that becomes...

The 40 years of Janus et Cie

Enveloped by the charm of furniture that reveals scrupulous formal refinement, the New York showroom of Janus et Cie at 221 East 59th Street, in the design district of Manhattan, a stone’s throw from...

Great celebration for Muuto in the West Coast

Guest of honour within the San Francisco Design Week, the Danish brand Muuto presents a selection of iconic products into the space of Jules Maeght Gallery

Bolzan Letti. The interpretation of dreams

Creating places where people can have a good rest, whatever their requirements may be, or their preferences in terms of styles and materials. This is the mission of Bolzan Letti, a company that has made tailoring a distinctive trait of its exclusive production lineup. With stunning results in terms of stylistic innovation and design quality.