miX Restaurant, ©pmonetta

Alain Ducasse and Pedrali in Dubai

Dubai is a location that is taking on greater importance for Pedrali. The company specialized in the production of furnishings for the residential and contract sectors has been selected by the French multi-star chef...
The Y

Mix for Generation Y

In this new venue in Moscow commissioned by restaurateuse Kira Baybakova to the New York-based studio Asthetique, the symmetries already start with the letter Y of the mysterious name, and then shift – though...
Ristorante Teatro alla Scala - Il Foyer, Milano.

A ‘foyer’ to savor

In the kitchen, executive chef Anatolij Franzese, who entered the Marchesi world in 2016, pays tribute to the great master, reworking his creations in a modern way and reinterpreting recipes from the Italian tradition. In...
Sala Ristorante Giannino, Milano

The new Giannino, a restaurant truly worth visiting

Giannino’s new look is seemingly simple and fluid, but in reality the project by Milanese architects Spagnulo & Partners is complex and sophisticated, returning an icon to the city that is known all over...
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