Carpet Edition and Ken Scott: creative explosion

The Brescia-based brand presents a capsule collection of 33 rugs and tapestries based on drawings by the American fashion designer

Foliage by Carpet Edition, design Ken Scott - photo © Mattia Aquila

When refined craftsmanship meets a revolutionary creative talent who made his mark on fashion and more, the results can only be a unique experience. This is what happens in the Ken Scott Capsule Collection presented by Carpet Edition, a company founded in 2005 at Collebeato, Brescia, by Carlo and Valentina Erba, specialized in the production and distribution of carpets, including the pioneering creations of the American fashion designer Ken Scott.

Lady S by Carpet Edition, design Ken Scott
Ipomea by Carpet Edition, design Ken Scott

Born in Indiana in 1919, George Kenneth Scott began his career as a painter in New York, where he was noticed by Peggy Guggenheim. After spending time in Paris and on the French Riviera, he arrived in Milan in 1955 and founded his textile brand Falconetto. His stylistic signature is a jubilee of sunny colors, combined in playful and unexpected ways. A free and curious spirit, Scott worked as a painter, a gardener, a decorator, chef, performer and stylist, writing an important chapter in the history of fashion in the 1960s and 1970s: he was the first to print his designs on synthetic fabrics to permit easy use of his creations. His garments can be washed by hand, they dry quickly, do not wrinkle inside luggage and occupy a limited amount of space. 

Eula by Carpet Edition, design Ken Scott
My Lady by Carpet Edition, design Ken Scott

In 2019 Mantero acquired the Ken Scott trademark and moved its archives into a facility at Grandate, in the province of Como: a foundation was created as well. Today the most important collection of works by the fashion designer is located at La Pila, in the town of Sartirana, province of Pavia. The Ken Scott Collection by Carpet Edition pays tribute to Scott’s creative flair with 33 tapestries and carpets, relying on his floral, geometric and animalier inventions. In particular, there are eight floral versions with three-dimensional profiles, while the square tapestries, 100 cm x 100 cm, have been made to be hung on walls. The selected materials are New Zealand wool, Tencel and linen, crafted by hand with the tufting technique, inserting tufts of yarn inside an existing weave.

Foliage by Carpet Edition, design Ken Scott – photo © Mattia Aquila