Geminiano Cozzi 1765

The story of Geminiano Cozzi 1765 is a tale of beauty and elegance, accompanying the evolution of Italian style by bringing it to the table, gracefully and gracefully. Founded more than two centuries ago by one of the master ceramists of Venetian Baroque, who lent his name to the Maison, it is now making a comeback thanks to the entrepreneurial sensibility of Antonio Tognana, who is bringing new luster to the porcelain Maison with an ambitious project that respects the brand’s DNA. In this chapter of its history that looks to the future, Geminiano Cozzi 1765 recovers its profound artistic and artisanal yet still valuable identity to cast it in contemporary times, thanks to exclusive collaborations and international partnerships. Boldness as much as a strong and precise character has always been the hallmark of the brand’s collections, ever since, at its origins, Geminiano Cozzi abandoned the “white gold” style typical of the time by introducing rich and vivid decorations, in which he adopted the use of pure pigments.

Ancient (and rare) evidence of a unique and original savoir-faire, which today has become collectible and therefore sought after among Sotheby’s and Christie’s auctions. The Manufacture in fact closed its doors in 1812, but its timeless heritage has remained unchanged. A privileged sector, such as luxury hospitality, seized its expressive potential and excellence in quality. 

Thus Geminiano Cozzi 1765 has conquered with its charm, and in a short time, hôtellerie, restaurants, airplanes, yachts, exclusive villas, representing the only Italian brand able to offer realizations of “tailor-made” objects and services in real fine bone porcelain. And it is precisely the decoration in Striche, an icon of Geminiano Cozzi, that is the most requested in terms of customization for custom projects.

Faithfully reproduced from a 1770 drawing, the Striche decoration is pure expression of the avant-garde Venetian manufacture: it was introduced by Geminiano Cozzi anticipating a change in style typical of neoclassicism, in which Baroque extravagances were abandoned in favor of simpler, more linear decorative motifs. The result was, and still is, a simple, almost abstract ornamentation that seeks pure form through colors and geometric shapes. 

Colorful radial stripes, bordered by outlines made with a thin gold thread, decorate plates, coffee cups and any object that makes the act of welcoming a representation of taste and elegance. It is therefore a synergistic vision of intent that has led Geminiano Cozzi 1765 to collaborate with exclusive brands such as Acqua di Parma – for whose “L’art de la Table” collection it custom made the Striche décor in the exclusive shade of yellow that characterizes the maison – or the Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lake Como – which requested a peculiar collection decorated in Striche orange and gold. Further expression of Geminiano Cozzi’s ability to decline its iconic decoration to a multiplicity of destinations while maintaining its refinement constant, is the custom-made service for the Ryder Cup 2023 and intended for the two Teams, Europe and US. 

The design was specifically requested by Luke Donald, the captain of Team Europe. For all the members of his team, Geminiano Cozzi 1765 produced a 12-person plate service, with the iconic Striche decoration in the color “Ryder blue” with the event logo in the center of the plate; for the opponents, a coffee cup service, again featuring the same striped decoration, this time in red, the same as the American flag. So not only hospitality and residential, but also the world of high-level sports calls on Geminiano Cozzi’s made-in-Italy design and know-how. After golf, also automotive. In fact, the Maison is a partner of the “Legend of Bassano,” the automotive event that gathers collectors of classic cars, from all over the world: also for the 2024 edition, the 29th, the manufacture has created a commemorative plate, with a decoration created exclusively for the event, delivered to each crew. The ancient art of Geminiano Cozzi 1765 thus confronts the contemporary, inaugurating a new chapter of “bon vivre” Made in Italy.