Pesca Collection by Venini

Drawing on an age-old tradition and establishing perfect dialogue with the present. This balance of forces generates the magic of Venini, which with its creations in blown glass passes down an ancient craft made of gestures and secrets, while guiding it into the contemporary world. In over 100 years of history since the founding of the company, Venini has brought great prestige to the world of decorating, creating timeless icons, formulating styles, defining elegance through small objects and dramatic chandeliers.

This heritage is constantly renewed, also thanks to collaboration with artists and designer on the international stage, and to a vision of the firm that combines this unique background with a modern interpretation of living. The new collections celebrate the past with the recovery of classic motifs, leading to reissues that pay tribute to Venini’s aesthetic prowess, while at the same time new experimental works find innovative ways to explore the art of glassmaking.

Deco, Pesca Collection by Venini

Fazzoletto, Pesca Collection by Venini

“In the year of celebration for the 100th anniversary of Damiani, which has always nurtured the deepest values of Made in Italy, beauty and know-how, we want to emphasize with even greater force the unique resource of Venini’s artistic legacy – says Silvia Damiani, Vice-President of Gruppo Damiani and President of Venini. – These new collections of new works and reissues pay homage to the creativity of their conception, and to the mastery of those who shape them, a magical blend that has made it possible to produce masterpieces over the years, coveted and admired all over the world.

One good example of the timeless beauty of the Venini lines is the new Pesca capsule collection. The iconic vases Fazzoletto, Deco, Monofiore Balloton, Balloton Fiori, Opalino, the signature vases Ritagli, Battuto a Nido d’ape, Acco, Idalion and Sidone, and the new table lamps Fantasmino XL, Gran Deco Luce and Gran Balloton Luce, dress up in rosy and orange reflections, an enveloping tone that fosters sensations of serenity, sweetness and harmony. Poetic and romantic, the Pesca collection by Venini combines elegant vintage appeal with a trendy chromatic touch.

Cilindro by Venini, design Peter Marino

Clessidre Sommerse by Venini, design Fulvio Bianconi & Paolo Venini

In another look back at the past, but also with extraordinary timeliness, the splendid Clessidre Sommerse are novel pieces that expand the collection created by Fulvio Bianconi and Paolo Venini in 1957. Every product embodies all the skill of the master glassmakers, who rely on complex forms of workmanship, such as the technique of vetro sommerso – which calls for the overlay of multiple layers of color to create an evocative chromatic effect – and the process of incalmo, which permits the heat bonding of two blown forms along their circumference.

Along with the narrative of historic collaborations, new creations made in interaction with contemporary creative talents are inserted, starting with the starchitect Peter Marino. The partnership between the American architect and the maison has become a long-term bond, leading to the creation of works of great visual impact. Linking back to a successful series of vases envisioned for Venini, this year Marino has devised the Black Belt glasses, a combination of energy and refinement.

Black Belt by Venini, design Peter Marino

Each glass has black strips applied when hot, which interweave in four distinct designs on handcrafted blown glass. Peter Marino has also expanded the Cilindro collection with two new color variants, in a limited edition: the first has transparent bands in the Tè color, with gold glazed decorations, while the second displays transparent bands of Verde Mela-Lattimo, in contrast with the crystal glass hue. Made with the “Fasce” technique, where the master glassmaker pours hot colored ribbons, making them mingle, the decoration wraps the geometric volumes of the vases, creating vortices that capture the eye. Venini thus continues its story of unique mastery, giving rise to works that overcome both time and fashions, becoming true icons.