BENU collection by Fischbacher 1819
BENU collection by Fischbacher 1819

Two centuries and six generations have shaped the history of Fischbacher 1819. The history of a family, but also that of a sector, the world of premium fabrics where the brand has contributed to the evolution of styling, research and quality. The attention to detail, a passion for excellent materials and a constant drive toward creative innovation are the cornerstones on which the company has been built from the outset, to produce true textile artworks – furnishing fabrics, carpets and luxurious coverings for the international design industry. Tradition and extensive know-how transmitted for centuries trace the pathway of the brand, always focusing on the most authentic principles of craftsmanship and the different cultures of the world from which to draw constant inspiration.

Fischbacher 1819 continues to embody these values, thanks to the leadership of the CEO Michael Fischbacher and the creative director Camilla Douraghy Fischbacher who have taken the firm to an unprecedented level of global success, coming to grips with the changing needs of markets and epochs. The brand’s expertise has incorporated the principles of sustainability, more indispensable than ever today, with the result of increasingly ethical production and collections that stimulate a passion for research and experimentation, relying on the company’s typical materials.

Already in 2009, the first collection of recycled fabrics made its appearance – Fischbacher 1819: BENU Recycled. The identity is already clear in the name, taken from a mythological bird of ancient Egypt that like the Greek phoenix is reborn from its own ashes; therefore BENU, which is pronounced like “be new” in English, is a manifesto of the direction taken by the company in favor of nature and its protection (reflected in international prizes like the Red Dot Design Award and the Interior Innovation Award).

The range of high-quality fabrics for interiors made with recycled materials has constantly grown, and now contains four production categories: BENU PET, BENU YARN, BENU INDUSTRY and BENU SEA, including fabrics and carpets of the highest quality made with recycled PET plastic bottles, recycled pre-consumer industrial scrap reutilized by industry, and recycled marine plastic.

BENU PET comes from the transformation of plastic (specifically PET bottles) into yarn, through an advanced technological process from which to derive only the best yarns for coloring, weaving and finishing. A part of the range is the exclusive BENU TALENT FR, a strong velvet in 100% recycled PET for indoor and outdoor use, resistant to flame, produced for the company’s 200th anniversary.

The recycling of textile products, on the other hand, is the basis for the BENU YARN fabrics: a totally ecological procedure transforms old cotton weaves – shredded and taken back to the fiber stage – from which to extract only the finest fibers. In this way, textile refuse and the consumption of precious components like cotton, water and energy are significant reduced.

BENU INDUSTRY also maintains the same sustainable prerogative by drawing on recycled yarn waste, which is produced during the manufacture of Trevira polyester yarn; instead of being disposed of, this waste is reprocessed, recycled and made into Trevira yarn again. The BENU® SEA collection, finally, makes effective use of plastic refuse taken from the sea, transforming it into a strong polyester yarn through a process that safeguards resources, for the production of fabrics and carpets of exceptional quality. Through these collections Fischbacher 1819 is writing a new chapter in its centuries-old history, coming to terms with the present and establishing a dialogue with the future, approached with determination and pursuit of excellence to bring new expressive flair to the colorful world of fabrics.