Matteo Pieri, Connor by Borzalino, design Debonademeo

Design is not only a matter of style and functional quality. It is a set of experiences and connections that go beyond the product, addressing the emotional sphere to generate all-around wellbeing. This is the definition of design applied by Borzalino in a concrete way, piece after piece, reaching maximum expression in the new collection for 2024-2025. The company “Made in Tuscany” has made research on materials and the revival of traditional types of workmanship its hallmark, interpreting interior design as a source of personal wellbeing, for the body and the mind: taking a holistic approach, Borzalino creates every product to establish a direct relationship with people and the environment around them, with architecture and landscape.

Collezione 2024 by Borzalino

The result is an interconnected ecosystem dominated by harmony, comfortable and – above all – comforting by nature. Borzalino achieves this in the new collection by using all natural materials, developed in organic and welcoming forms, while rediscovering local arts and crafts that connect the product to its territory of origin.

The new offerings are thus based on an extremely natural moodboard of great material impact: pale wood varieties and fabrics, with natural treatment, combined with soft nubuck in tones of terracotta; marble varieties with pearly grain, alternating with acid-etched metals and hammered glass. As in the Egeo tables designed by Andrea Andretta, where the irregular form suggests splendid islands in the sea – hence the Aegean name – in an archipelago of fine marble and wood varieties.

Egeo by Borzalino, design Andrea Andretta

Flow by Borzalino, design Andrea Andretta

Likewise, the Flow model plays with more pronounced material effects, combining a glass top with supports in metal tubing in a sinusoid form. Curvy elements create soft, enveloping atmospheres, bringing serenity to the gaze and the touch. The impressions slide over the surfaces, opening up new expressive vistas in interiors.

As in the case of the Petra bookcase designed by Andrea Andretta, a shelving component that captures the fluidity and serenity of a waterfall (echoed in the shaped glass tops) while conserving a strong, rigid structure, also through the use of glass and metal. Or the Regina chair: here Andretta combines simple organic forms with the practicality of Scandinavian design, relying on Italian craftsmanship.

Petra  by Borzalino, design Andrea Andretta

Connor by Borzalino, design Debonademeo

The new Borzalino collection also wagers on the interaction between objects and space, through a game of volumes, a skillful mixture of full and empty portions, or the alternation of airy effects and solid volumes. A concept that can be perceived above all in the Connor sofa designed by Debonademeo, a modular and personalized piece symbolizing quiet refinement.

Connor’s cushions are raised from the ground on two runners of solid wood, then placed on an open plane covered in leather. The back and the armrests are full-bodied, shaped to welcome, support and protect the human body. This ideal is fully reflected in the Sidney chair created by Carlo Bimbi.

Sidney by Borzalino, design Carlo Bimbi

Regina by Borzalino, design Andrea Andretta

The designer pays tribute to the city, taking inspiration from the image of sails in the well-known Australian opera house, translated into a chair that is perfect for airy public spaces and cool lounges, but also for a private studio. Produced with meticulous attention to detail, using the finest materials, Sidney is a good example of Borzalino’s exceptional skills, relying on a rich cultural legacy that defines the company’s identity and symbolizes the intersection of art, architecture and design.