Minotti | Sendai “Cord” Outdoor

Designed by Inoda+Sveje for Minotti, the Sendai “Cord” Outdoor collection raises the standard of outdoor comfort, weaving elegance and innovation through the distinctive use of rope

Sendai Cord Outdoor by Minotti, design Inoda+Sveje

Cords are the protagonists of the Sendai range designed by duo Inoda+Sveje for Minotti and coordinated by Rodolfo Dordoni, to create places for conversation or corners dedicated to relaxation, in either residential settings or outdoor areas dedicated to hospitality. The Sendai “Cord” Outdoor collection has been developed for exterior use, based on an emptied and stylised upholstered volume through clever use of cords available in the colours Ecru, Burgundy or Dark Brown. 

Thanks to this process, the transparent shape allows the gaze to penetrate and its lightness creates a contrast with the seats designed with a more consistent appearance. The 360° swivel base with return has a mechanism that has been carefully tested for outdoor use in a natural teak finish.