Undercounter appliances by Signature Kitchen Suite

Furnishing with appliances. Though once unthinkable, today this is a concrete and feasible trend, thanks to the innovative solutions of Signature Kitchen Suite, which combines the most advanced technology with refined aesthetics, for a 360-degree approach to interiors. The premium built-in appliance brand, part of the LG Electronics group, has forged beyond traditional concepts in terms of both lines and functions: avoiding rigid and essential forms, the design becomes captivating and elegant; the performance features evolve, and multi-functionalism becomes a guiding criterion in every product, generating extreme versatility of use. 

The creations of Signature Kitchen Suite become true technological décor complements, lending themselves to positioning in a wide range of contexts – from the home to the office, to yachts, hotels, bars and restaurants – even outside the usual boundaries of the kitchen, bringing character and practicality into living areas or elegant suites. The undercounter appliances clearly embody this versatile, refined design approach.

Undercounter wine cellar by Signature Kitchen Suite

Undercounter convertible refrigerator by Signature Kitchen Suite

The Undercounter convertible refrigerator and the built-in Undercounter wine cellar offer maximum quality in limited space, for outstanding design, materials and technology. Compact and high-performance, they accompany moments of relaxation and socializing in the domestic dimension, on sophisticated yachts or in the expansive setting of hospitality venues. 


The appliances share in a digital-oriented approach: both products, in fact, are Wi-Fi ready and connected to the ThinQ app by LG, which enables control of functioning and on-off programming, even from a distance; the intelligent features also include the Smart Diagnosis system with which to monitor proper functioning, detecting possible problems, simply by placing a mobile device near the unit. The Undercounter convertible refrigerator contains two drawers – ready for external paneling, to adapt to personalized finishes: the upper drawer has five temperature settings (from -3°C to 10°C), while the lower compartment is convertible as a freezer, with six temperature settings (from -23°C to 10°C). The Undercounter wine cellar unit packs all the main conservation features into a space of limited size, thanks to the Wine Cave Technology for maximum protection against light, vibrations, or variations of temperature and humidity. With a capacity of 41 bottles, it includes two separately regulated zones in terms of temperature and humidity.

Mantle by Signature Kitchen Suite,
Patricia Urquiola

A step forward in the definition of a new concept of home appliances is the new Mantle modular and freestanding cabinet designed for the Undercounter convertible refrigerator. Patricia Urquiola has envisioned an enclosure for Signature Kitchen Suite, with sculptural forms and a touch of craftsmanship, to contain all of the brand’s highest technology. The refrigerator thus becomes a true décor feature, also for handy insertion in the living area, the bedroom or even the bathroom, but also in public spaces like hotels or offices. 

In this sense the Undercounter convertible refrigerator by Signature Kitchen Suite lends itself to the formulation of a new identity, conserving foods and beverages, but also cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The cabinet comes in three modular sizes, exclusively covered in Cimento tiles (also designed by Patricia Urquiola) made by using the material of the same name, in the colors Vanilla, Blue, Burgundy and Green.

Mantle by Signature Kitchen Suite, design Patricia Urquiola

SKINS Club by Signature Kitchen Suite, design m2atelier

SKINS Club is positioned along the same wavelength, in a new variant with a humidor drawer for the Undercounter wine cellar unit, created by the architecture and design firm m2atelier. This marks a return to the architectural and decorative character of appliances: conceived as a freestanding structure.

The cabinet (ready for personalization with geometric motifs in wood and leather) contains the Undercounter wine cellar storage system of Signature Kitchen Suite in the lower portion, and an upper “vanity” zone equipped with a built-in humidor drawer for cigars, a second drawer for accessories and a shelf for glasses and decanters. The new creations of Signature Kitchen Suite thus generate a new philosophy of decorating and living, where technology is a synonym for wellness, decoration and convivial enjoyment.

SKINS Club by Signature Kitchen Suite, design m2atelier