Interior balances

Gabriele Buratti, co-founder of renowned design studio Buratti Architetti, alongside his brother Oscar, explores the art of weaving bespoke and curated furnishings to craft unique interiors

Gabriele and Oscar Buratti

In the realm of design, where functionality embraces artistry, a compelling narrative is emerging – one that celebrates the delicate balance between custom-made pieces and carefully curated existing designs. This dialogue transcends mere aesthetics – it’s about crafting spaces with a unique identity, seamless functionality, and enduring appeal. 

Equatore by Fontana Arte, design Oscar e Gabriele Buratti

An Italian architect and designer known for his minimalist and elegant approach to design, Gabriele Buratti creates projects, which range from interior architecture to product design, characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes, and a clever use of materials. After graduating from the Politecnico di Milano in 1989, Buratti co-founded with his brother Oscar the design studio Buratti Architetti, a practice that deeply understands the balance between bespoke and curated elements.

Gabriele Buratti
Casa Coco by Buratti Architetti, Milano

“When you place a bed or a table in a space,” Buratti notes, “it takes on an almost functional meaning.” This astute observation highlights the studio’s belief that every design choice, whether custom-made or curated, should contribute to a space’s purpose and ambiance. Buratti Architetti sees custom design as a chance to infuse a space with a unique character. The goal is to decipher the client’s vision and the space’s story, translating them into tangible forms. Whether it is a bespoke wardrobe seamlessly integrated into a Milanese apartment or the intricate detailing of a custom bookcase, these elements become essential to the narrative.

Casa Acerbis by Buratti Architetti, Albino

Yet, the studio also recognizes the value and practicality of incorporating existing designs, particularly when scale and budget are considerations. They meticulously curate pieces from established brands, ensuring each selection complements the overall design language. The result is a harmonious tapestry of bespoke and curated elements, each contributing to a cohesive and engaging whole. 

Casa Acerbis by Buratti Architetti, Albino

This approach extends beyond individual pieces to the very essence of design. Buratti Architetti believes in creating designs that are not fleeting trends but create enduring objects, meant to be cherished and passed down. “It’s important to design products, whether custom-made or from a catalog, that have lasting value,” Buratti reflects. This commitment to longevity, to crafting pieces that hold aesthetic and functional value, is a cornerstone of their design philosophy.