Aware Exhibition, Danish Architecture Center - Photo © Rasmus Hjortshoj

In the exhibition Aware, visitors experience how architecture is a spatial art that appeals to our senses, how architecture is not only a technical discipline, but also an artistic form of expression that can inspire wonder, reflection, and connection between people. Space can create excitement, awe, pause, contemplation, and can inspire new and unexpected relationships between people.

Through a sequence of six full-scale enveloping spatial installations the visitor realise and question how space can define atmospheres and shape moods. The experience is emphasized by an immersive sound universe created by the trio Mesmer and lighting design by Jesper Kongshaug. Each of these space emphasise and twist what we expect from architecture, giving us a new insight into how we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

Discover how a staircase not only connects different levels, but also creates space for an encounter with those visiting the exhibition at the same time as yourself. Nestle yourself into a wooden cocoon and feel how space can soothe and protect. Or gaze up at large kaleidoscopic mirror walls that transform the viewer’s reflection and the surroundings into prismlike patterns. 

Aware will be shown at the Danish Architecture Center until 15 September 2024.
The exhibition is supported by Realdania, Knud Højgaards Fond, Arup, Beckett Fonden, Ole Kirks Fond, Statens Kunstfond and Danmarks Nationalbank’s Jubilæums fund.

– Photo © Rasmus Hjortshoj