Hotel La Suite, timeless elegance

Located at Matera, the five-star hotel furnished by Natuzzi Italia is an example of Italian rationalism

Hotel La Suite, Matera

Designed by the studio Marco Piva, Hotel La Suite at Matera demonstrates the all-round design skills of the brand Natuzzi Italia, who created a range of custom-made furniture for a new five-star hotel situated in the heart of the city. Opened in the summer of 2019, the Hotel is a building the evokes the Italian rationalism of the twentieth century with an authentic aesthetic that is designed to integrate well into the historic fabric of Matera.The project is an expression of a functional architecture that is manifested in the pure and elegant forms and simplicity of the spaces.

In the interiors it is possible to find the same architectural atmosphere as the exterior with flexible areas, geometries, volumes and materials – from the more technical in the floors, to structural laminates and traditional stone, worked with care and embellished with elegant details. Natuzzi Italia have contributed to the project by creating for the communal spaces and the 40 rooms in the hotel a series of customised elements: armchairs, sofas, poufs, benches, headboards, accessories and lamps. The selection of the pieces, the high quality of the materials, sophisticated styles and the coordinated colour palette that conveys elegance but also the cosiness of a domestic space, consolidate the aesthetics and timeless design that characterise Hotel La Suite in Matera.