Astratto by Illulian, design Draga & Aurel

For Illulian, the furnishing power of a rug is not limited to its functionality or aesthetics, but extends to its ability to tell the stories that inspired its creation, including ancient hand-knotting techniques, integrated into the context of contemporary design. It is from this fusion that the brand’s timeless and distinctive rugs are born. Eight of its newest designs, the result of collaborations with celebrated international designers, will be displayed in New York at ICFF 2024 at booth 617 at the Javits Convention Center. Is a space in which to immerse oneself in the softness of wool and silk and the refined combinations of lines, colors, volumes and graphic patterns of the rugs.

Exotic Jungle by Illulian,
design Simone Guidarelli

 Simone Guidarelli

Exotic Jungle by Illulian,
design Simone Guidarelli

Some distinctive elements emerge from the exhibition, such as the vibrant colors of Karim Rashid‘s KI rug, where the harmonious contrast between black and fluorescent colors accentuates curves and concentric lines, creating an optical illusion of movement, or Simone Guidarelli‘s Exotic jungle rug: an explosion of tropical nature that reinterprets classic style with freshness, adapting with ease and a touch of humor to modern contexts as well.

Ki by Illulian, design Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid – Photo © Cida de Aragon

MC+ Studio

Orbis by Illulian, design MC+ Studio

An elegant collage effect manifests itself through the unexpected overlapping of geometric shapes in the Gem C rug signed by Alain Gilles, while the shapes become less defined, evocating natural landscapes observed from a satellite, in the Orbis rug signed MC+ (Mattia Biagi and Cardenio Petrucci). Edges contrast with the central composition: this is the case in Serena Confalonieri’s Laki rug, where a futurist-inspired frame creates a three-dimensional effect thanks to a very fine weaving technique.

Also in Floralia Yard, Paula Cademartori juxtaposes a geometric border with a central floral composition with refined chromatic mastery. The link between textile material and architecture is evident in the collaboration with Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), from which Perspective was born: a rug in which the entire weaving process is “read” and which includes variations in thickness that accentuate its architectural value.

Gem C by Illulian, design Alain Gilles

Floralia Yard Vol II, Limited Edition by Illulian, design Paula Cademartori

Orbis by Illulian, design by MC+ Studio

Completing the exhibition is Inversus, belonging to Illulian’s Essential Collection: an essence of elegance played on a simple gradient between nuances that enhances the refined workmanship of the product. The rugs, presented at Milan Design Week in the occasion of the brand’s 65th anniversary, are the latest creations to join Illulian’s Limited Edition Collection.

By participating in ICFF, the company, founded in 1959 and now led by Shahnaz Illulian and sons Davis and Bendis Ronchetti Illulian, reaffirms its international commitment to high-quality craftsmanship. A value that is reflected not only in the fine handcrafting of the rugs on offer, but also in the ability to customize each model through variations in size, color combinations, thickness and compositions. Illulian collections, which extend from antique rugs and tapestries, can be discovered in the renovated showroom at 41 Via Manzoni in Milan.