Focus On: Decoration

The latest decorative trends, selected by IFDM, favor an innovative mix of textures, patterns, and motifs, incorporating geometric and floral styles with bold material combinations, reflecting the richness and variety of contemporary design

Pesca by Venini
Pesca by Venini

The 2024 furniture and decor exhibitions highlight innovative design trends that embrace imperfections as a distinctive attribute in home fittings designs. Evident versatility in kitchen spaces comes to the fore as new collections cater to a variety of styles and requirements, transforming the kitchen into both a social and functional space. The trend towards maximizing outdoor spaces perseveres, with new collections that elegantly enhance exterior environments. Furthermore, timeless pieces of furniture are being reinvented, achieving a seamless blend of tradition and modernity.

Masterpiece of art and innovation, Venini’s Pesca Collection (on cover) draws inspiration from the ethereal hues of sunrise and sunset, encapsulating the essence of nature’s most tender moments and transforming them into exquisite glass craftwork. It seamlessly weaves the charm of the past with the freshness of the present. Its vases, with their fluid and transparent contours, echo the timeless beauty of classic forms, while delicate contemporary touches infuse a sense of modernity. Each piece in the Pesca Collection is a testament to the remarkable craftsmanship of Venini’s master glass-makers. With meticulous precision, they morph molten glass into works of art, capturing light and unveiling the inherent magic of this extraordinary material. Pesca represents a harmonious blend that transcends trends and resonates, creating a symphony of serenity in the environment where the collection’s elements are placed.

The Drei Berge Collection by Fischbacher, design Ramdane Touhami

Inspired by the Swiss mountains, the new capsule collection from Fischbacher 1819 has been created. Unveiled as a preview during the Fuorisalone 2024 at the Via De Carmine showroom, “The Drei Berge  Collection” aims to capture the atmosphere and allure of mountain landscapes that are so dear to the multi-generational company based in St. Gallen. The capsule is signed by the French-Moroccan designer and entrepreneur Ramdane Touhami, who a couple of years ago purchased and renovated a hotel in Switzerland in Mürren, an ancient Walser settlement located on the edge of the alpine glacial area. For this capsule, solid colour and knit fabrics made from 100% virgin wool have been chosen. The fabrics are available in a bright range of colours, which the designer has paired in a bold yet always harmonious way.
Fischbacher 1819, Showroom Via del Carmine 9

Ferruccio Laviani x Illulian
Karim Rashid x Illulian

Illulian celebrates its 65th birthday in its renovated showroom in Via Manzoni (as well as at the Salone del Mobile) with a host of new proposals signed by an “onze de gala” of designers. From Paola Navone to Karim Rashid, from Alain Gilles to Ferruccio Laviani passing through Zaha Hadid and MC Plus, just to name a few, they represent the expression of the Illulian reality. Between geometric patterns and decidedly more decorative and expressive choices, Illulian’s collections are enriched year after year following the demands of the reference markets: from residential to hospitality and retail where the “carpet” has gained a prominent place both in its horizontal and vertical applications, increasingly becoming a decisive complement in interior design projects.

Wabi Sabi by Perennials and Sutherland, design Eugeni Quitllet
Wabi Sabi by Perennials and Sutherland, design Eugeni Quitllet

Perennials and Sutherland present Wabi Sabi, the new Spring 2024 collection of fabrics and rugs made from 100% dyed acrylic, as well as a selection of outdoor furniture. With a strong reference to the imperfection celebrated by Japanese aesthetics, the collection revolves around the idea that objects gain personality over time and through wear. Basing on this concept, the fabric collection introduces four new textures – Kikko, Arigato, Paper Crane, and Sake Stripe – and 19 new color variations inspired by nature. The collection also includes Tatami and Taki, two new designs of versatile and highly customizable rugs. Designed by creative director Eugeni Quitllet, the Wabi Sabi outdoor furniture collection uses teak and aluminum as a vehicle to play with shapes created by light, and includes four seats, a pouf, and a coffee table.