Focus On: Outdoor

The IFDM selection of outdoor novelties presented this year at Milan Design Week highlights new furniture collections that enhance outdoor spaces with elegance and personality

Mad Out, Outdor Collection by Poliform, design Marcel Wanders

The 2024 furniture and decor exhibitions highlight innovative design trends that embrace imperfections as a distinctive attribute in home fittings designs. Evident versatility in kitchen spaces comes to the fore as new collections cater to a variety of styles and requirements, transforming the kitchen into both a social and functional space. The trend towards maximizing outdoor spaces perseveres, with new collections that elegantly enhance exterior environments. Furthermore, timeless pieces of furniture are being reinvented, achieving a seamless blend of tradition and modernity.

Pavillon H by Kettal

Kettal’s project has taken the gazebo and transformed it into a more refined and advanced form, turning it into a sophisticated, complex, and versatile external architecture: Pavillion H. With this project, Kettal offers a completely customizable space that adapts to any context, perfectly blending with the surrounding environment. The aluminum structure of Pavilion H stands out for its lightness and brightness. The wide range of options for the cover (waterproof, aluminum, wood, etc.) and for the side panels (fixed or sliding, in various materials) allows for 360° customization. The structure is enhanced by various light models for lighting and a wide choice of colors for finishes. All of this is available tailor-made to meet the specific needs of the user. The goal of Kettal Structures is to bring order, form, and structure to outdoor areas, functionally designed to provide shelter. Their mission is to shade and refresh or protect from rain and wind. The series of pavilions was designed with the aim of further aligning the system with architecture. This series has specifically developed tools to integrate it into an architectural context and create fluid outdoor spaces.

What sets Pavilion H apart is its advanced technology equipment. This system allows you to control and automate the bioclimatic system, the integrated lighting, the curtain system, the heating, and the ventilation of the spaces. These features offer significant advantages in terms of efficiency, safety, and strength, ensuring a perfect atmosphere for outdoor environments. The Kettal Pavilion H is not just a motorized pergola, it is an extension of the house. With the addition of connectivity, it is possible to create an extra room that can be used all year round. The functions of the pergola can be controlled via the new Kode app, which allows for perfect management of the integrated features of Pavilion H’s intelligence, whether it is home environments or workplace spaces.

Tevere e Tiberina by Nardi

Created in the image and likeness of the sweet life outdoors, Nardi’s Tevere and Tiberina creations are a masterpiece of design, durability and sustainability. This garden set stands out for the elegance of its soft, rounded lines. Thanks to the Tevere extendable table and the coordinating Tiberina chair, it is possible to furnish any outdoor space with great personality. The table, resistant to atmospheric agents, is designed for maximum durability. Its top is resistant to knocks and scratches, making it ideal for hosting your outdoor events. In addition, the table features an intuitive and simple extension system, which allows you to increase its size without moving the legs. The heart of this set lies in the materials chosen: recyclable polypropylene and aluminium, highlighting the company’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact.
Tevere e Tiberina, Nardi – Stand 18 D23 E22

Ketch, Outdoor Collection by Poliform, design Jean-Marie Massaud

A tribute to outdoor living with elegance and style. Poliform’s Outdoor Collection appropriates outdoor spaces with its distinctive allure, taking the DNA that has always characterized the indoor settings of the brand outdoors: a timeless sophistication that defies time and trends. The result of a long process of research and development, the Outdoor Collection bears the signature of historic collaborations such as Jean-Marie Massaud, Emmanuel Gallina, Marcel Wanders, in addition to Soo Chan. Each of the four creatives has interpreted, according to their own sensitivity, the vision of Poliform’s outdoor lifestyle in complete proposals for living en plein air. Massaud was therefore inspired by the world of boating, giving life to solid and generous volumes declined in sofas, armchairs, and coffee tables, thus giving life to the Ketch collection.

In all the elements, the essential and solid structure in iroko solid wood is completed with lighter sections, which in the seats take the form of a flexible backrest like a sail stretched between the two masts of a boat. The Le Club seating collection is also proposed in a new outdoor version: the same allure, with materials designed to withstand outdoors. Emmanuel Gallina directly observed nature and its organic lines – like the delicate sinuosity of branches or the gentleness of a falling leaf – and recreated them in wood to give birth to Magnolia, a collection of seating (including sofas, chairs, armchairs and loungers) in iroko solid wood. Marcel Wanders, on the other hand, transforms his iconic Mad collection into an outdoor line that retains the character and style but adapted to the outdoor context: soft curves and backrests in hand-woven rope define Mad Out, with material, sensory and light plays. Soo Chan gives space to the idea of comfort and open air relaxation with Soori Day Lounge, a day bed with a round shape and relaxed mood, is characterized by the enveloping woven backrest, and the three-dimensional textures of the fabric covering that create a pleasant tactile sensation. With the Outdoor Collection, Poliform expands its idea of a complete home, creating a new bond not only between in&out, but between man and landscape.
Ketch, Outdoor Collection by Poliform – Stand| 09 | A05 A09 B05 C06

Carrera by Pratic

In the panorama of bioclimatic pergolas, Pratic‘s Carrera stands out as a true jewel of design and technology, redefining the concept of outdoor space, merging nature and architecture in a scenographic embrace. Thanks to its unique covering, it offers dynamic solar protection, with overlapping aluminium blades that dance to the rhythm of the sun, guaranteeing maximum comfort at any time of day. The three-dimensional appearance of the closed ceiling is given by the alternation of fixed and movable blades, which slide and hide with elegance, regulating natural light and air flow. This system lends itself to intelligent automation, with sensors that adapt to climate changes, to maximise energy efficiency. The structure can be enriched with advanced home automation systems, lateral windows, to perfectly adapt to the desired style.
Carrera, Pratic – Stand 22 F19 F21

Brezza by S-Cab, design Alessandro Stabile

Taking inspiration from the lightness and movement of the wind, Alessandro Stabile has imbued each piece with those qualities, resulting in Brezza, a collection that represents a significant step forward in eco-sustainable furnishings. The series comprises a chair, a lounge armchair, a two-seater sofa and a coffee table, and is characterised by the use of eco-sustainable materials. The emphasis on circular production is evident: the cushions are easily removable and attach to the frame without the use of glue, buttons, zips or Velcro. Completing the collection is a low table made of cement or HPL, which amplifies the sophisticated aesthetic of the line. Brezza features fabrics made from recycled yarns, with the introduction of two new variants created from recycled post-consumer materials.
Brezza, S-Cab – Stand 03 D12 D14

Allure by Talenti, design Christophe Pillet

From the union of elegance and simplicity comes Allure, the refined outdoor seat designed for Talenti by Christophe Pillet, one of the most prominent designers on the contemporary scene. A name that reflects the elegance of the product, revealed both in its form and in its materials, and which qualifies as a masterpiece of versatility and design. Everything in Allure revolves around lightness and elegance. The seat’s design offers a visually light appearance, while the elegant texture adds a distinctive touch to outdoor spaces. The harmonious contrast between the aluminium structure and the padding translates into a sophisticated and essential style result that does not go unnoticed. The choice of aluminium, not by chance, underlines the brand’s strong commitment to sustainability. Allure is distinguished by its incredible ease of movement, offering endless possibilities for configurations, all without sacrificing the strength conferred by aluminium. The variety of colour solutions promotes Allure’s versatility.

Among these, the cold and fascinating Mambo Pearl shade stands out, which contributes to reinforcing the charm of the creation. Presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, the Allure chaise longue and from the first glance it was clear that it was an ode to practical sophistication and untamed taste. But Allure is not just a seat; it is an authentic testimony to Italian allure, an emblem of the elegance and charm that made in Italy design has brought to the international scene. Talenti’s intent to create timeless pieces and the constant focus on the quality of materials and attention to detail are reflected in Allure. What emerges from Pillet’s own words is painted precisely: “The new lounge chair, ample and generous, speaks a clear and coherent language with the rest of the collection. Allure has a raw and, at the same time, summery, beachy touch, but in a different sense.” A clear example of how design can combine elements that are apparently in contrast with each other and transform them into something harmonious and fascinating.
Talenti, Allure – Stand 24 M02 M04