Niveum, WET System by Wall&decò, design Eva Germani
Niveum, WET System by Wall&decò, design Eva Germani

Surfaces play a fundamental role in interior design: their decoration is almost as important as the volume, and comes well prior to the furnishings. While until a few years ago the more ‘technical’ spaces of the home, such as bathrooms and kitchens, were excluded from free approaches to decoration, with the introduction on the market of the WET System by Wall&decò, the limits have been surpassed, and the walls in these rooms can now be envisioned in absolute freedom of expression. WET System has been a true revolution in the field of wallcoverings: water-repellent, functional and extremely attractive, it now marks its 10th anniversary, with over 23,000 showers in more than 80 countries.

Rhapsody in Japan, WET System by Wall&decò, design Eva Germani

Dimanche, WET System by Wall&decò, design Maria Gomez Garcia

Coralfull, WET System by Wall&decò, design CTRLZAK

Badaal, WET System by Wall&decò, design Debonademeo

Vivido, WET System by Wall&decò, design Maria Gomez Garcia

With WET System wallpaper breaks out of its traditional boundaries, previously limited to the living and bedroom areas, extending into the more technical zones, from kitchens to bathrooms. Specifically designed for areas that are damp or in direct contact with water, such as bathrooms, showers, kitchens, but also – on a larger scale – poolside and spa areas, WET System provides a balance of aesthetics and functionality, in both residential and contract applications. Thanks to the guarantee of waterproof performance, it can also be utilized in outdoor settings.

In addition to the high decorative power, WET System enjoys very high technical performance. WET System is composed of various parts – primer, a specific glue, fiberglass fabric and a protective finish – it reaches an overall thickness of 1.5 mm. The limited thickness permits rapid renovations, also with installation on existing surfaces like tiles, often found in bathrooms and kitchens. The system ensures total waterproofing and excellent strength. It stands up to detergents, impacts and scratching, while complying with existing regulations for flame resistance.

Viktoria, WET System by Wall&decò, design Christian Benini

Shoko, WET System by Wall&decò, design Ruga.Perissinotto

On an aesthetic level, this system of wallpapers enhances the spaces in which it is inserted, with a high degree of personalization. Spaces that might be monotonous are reinterpreted in an original way with great personality, thanks to the wallcoverings of the WET System collection, all customizable in size, colors and graphic development.

Over the years, big names in contemporary design – such as CTRZAK, Antonella Guidi, Maria Gomez Garcia, Eva Germani, Paolo Badesco and Costantino Affuso, Enrico Beccari, Alhambretto + Am Prod, Christian Benini, Debonademeo – have created some of the outstanding collections of WET System.