Work = wellness

laCividina has opened a new headquarters, in a project that focuses on Wellbeing with a capital W

laCividina headquarters, Martignacco, Italy
laCividina headquarters, Martignacco, Italy

Eyes, heart, brain: in 1984, this was how Giorgio Gaber narrated the path leading from the emotion of seeing to the beating of the heart, and then to the mind. And finally reaching the ground, “awaiting a glimmer of awareness,” because getting grounded can be the hardest part of all.

The project pursued by laCividina is all this and more. One of the latest chapters of this story does not address furniture and décor, but a workplace developed for the wellbeing of those who inhabit it and make it come alive on a day-to-day basis.

I visited the new headquarters in July, and I was immediately impressed by the spaces and the light, as well as the industrious silence that spread throughout the building. Today, increasing numbers of entrepreneurs, when they decide to obtain a design for a new facility, or for the refurbishing of an existing one, ask the architects to first of all interact with the people in charge of human resources: a sign of the changing times, because it confirms that RAL is not the only parameter of evaluation in the choice of a place to work. The new generation are (also) looking elsewhere.

Paola Bulfoni & Fulvio Bulfoni
Paola & Fulvio Bulfoni

So laCividina has created a world that starts from Made in Italy in order to propose an idea of Made for Italy: the culture of manufacturing in the new upholstery division is a high point of excellence envisioned by the company’s owner Fulvio Bulfoni, with the clear complicity of his wife Paola. Bulfoni is a person who genuinely loves his homeland, but who has added a sincere sense of altruism to his romanticism. With important repercussions: because his idea is that if everyone feels good, everything will be made better.

In this perspective, people will choose laCividina as a place to work not only for a salary. Because in a plant such as this, there are two stated objectives: to keep production at a high level, but also the quality of work. The two go hand in hand.

Also with an eye on the environment, an obligatory topic at this point. Therefore major investments have gone into the climate control system, digitalization, and packing procedures that prevent waste. All moving in a direction that makes it possible to produce, to be competitive and appealing. Aspects that represent two sides of the same coin, for a certain type of entrepreneur.