Luxury: (almost) invisible

Unox Casa, a branch of the young (33) but already renowned mother company UNOX, launches an innovative oven with an accent on multisensory design

SuperOven by UNOX Casa
SuperOven by UNOX Casa

SuperOven, the new product in the Unox Casa line, is a project that involves all the senses plus one: the sixth isn’t precisely a sense (though not for long, given the speed of growth of AI), but it is a reality that has a lot to do with the senses. And it is technology. No as an end in itself, but also an upwardly scalable tool provided for those who love to cook, to learn or simply to make a good impression without lifting a finger. All inside a habitat worthy of big spenders.

SuperOven, the oven at the center of the project, stands out without aggressiveness, its digital impact catching the eye. But it conceals technological outfitting that has convinced the great international chefs, earning a solid reputation and finding its way into the most prestigious homes. SuperOven, in the versions with one or two cooking chambers, offers all types of techniques, from grilling to frying, steam to smoked foods. Not to mention the treatments, such as vacuum packing or dehydration.

Furthermore, the SuperOven is equipped with a digital panel with over 400 programs for specific recipes. And Unox Casa offers its clients the exclusive Cook Like a Chef platform, which guides users in the use of the oven and the preparation of foods.

Cook Like a Chef does not simply offer automatic support, as it were. It also provides a service of great added value, for strategic assistance on demand: the Personal Cooking Trainer, a team composed of the chefs of Unox Casa, who can contact the user to offer help in the choice of recipes and the achievement of great results.

No exclusive pacts with kitchen makers, but unstoppable progress to conquer the most strategic international cities (already with 42 foreign facilities): UK and Australia are already part of the company’s portfolio, soon to be joined by France and China.