Architects: Eduardo Tazon and Antonio Mora. Architects co-founders of Studio.Noju
Furnishings, lighting and fittings: VIbia, Viccarbe, Knoll, Iconico, Vescom, Nemo Lighting, Minotti, &Tradition, Panton, Cinca
Photo credits: José Hevia

The project by the architects, who are also the owners of the residence, has been a true process of rediscovery and regeneration of the duplex located at the top of the Torres Blancas, a Brutalist landmark created by Javier Sáez de Oíza from 1964 to 1972, and a seminal work of 20th-century architecture. “The most rewarding thing has been the recovery of the curved lines, the interior spatiality of the apartment and the exterior terraces filled with vegetation. Recovering the house-patio relation, turning the terraces into the heart of the house again, was very gratifying.”

Private residence, Torres Blancas, Madrid

After careful study of the design from the 1960s, the non-original parts were demolished wherever possible, in order to experiment with bold spatial solutions while introducing new materials, always in dialogue with the building. “The demolition process was like an archeology operation. As the walls and additions were being removed, the sinuous and curved lines of the original plan emerged.”

Like the semicircular space of the entrance, or the corridor connecting the living and dining rooms, screened by a curved glass façade; or like the rounded geometric shapes that generate the form and furniture of the kitchen, utilizing metallic panels of HPL. The entire lower floor, containing the more ‘public’ functions, brings out the character of the open plan while respecting the unique forms of the structural walls.

The external terraces have also be renewed and enhanced, as continuous green spaces that follow the undulating perimeter of the façades and extend inward with portions of the ceramic flooring. Oak coverings are the main feature of the second level, where the four bedrooms, bathrooms and closets are connected in a functional sequence without corridors.