Ghost Wall system by Cassina, design Mikal Harrsen
Ghost Wall system by Cassina, design Mikal Harrsen

At its presentation, it immediately stands out as a revolution for Cassina. Ghost Wall is the company’s first system designed by Mikal Harrsen: a versatile, multifunctional and modular accessorized wall. A solution that interacts perfectly with the complements and multiple solutions offered by Cassina, completing the company’s wide range of proposals for living spaces and even the bedroom zone. The distinctive characteristic of Ghost Wall is flexibility. Decorative panels of limited thickness (about 30 mm) permit perfect interaction with walls; the structure seems to blend in, while underlining the design of the panels (available in different sizes and finishes, from wood to glass to fabric).

The panels are joined by a wide range of accessories and décor complements, to create architectural settings of great visual impact and total practicality: as a living room system, a wardrobe cabin for the bedroom, or as a handy accessory for service spaces and home offices.

After its debut last year, the system has already been expanded to widen its usage interpretations. Starting with the inclusion of new lacquered shelves that can be juxtaposed to create continuity between surfaces, or combined to generate a bookcase. There are also steel brackets used as supports for televisions and monitors, and spacious suspended drawers that add even more dynamism to the composition.

In line with new trends in the home, the program features a desk with a sliding leather top; the top can be extended for greater depth, making space for a compartment for objects below, ready for use with a range of different accessoriesThe matter of storage is addressed by Cassina to create a collection of cabinets with well-balanced looks and design, items that can be utilized on their own, also at the center of the room, or in tandem with Ghost Wall.

The collection Ghost Box is similar to the wall system in terms of pure forms, with particular reference to the drawer modules: the slender beveled upper border creates a storage space with a nestled top, offered in a range of finishes, from marble to reflecting glass to back-painted glass. The base, slightly recessed with respect to the structure, makes the various modules seem to be raised off the ground. In perfect synergy, Ghost Box and Ghost Wall generate a new way of approaching contemporary interiors, where maximum functionality goes hand in hand with home décor.