The Loop Led lamp by Riflessi for a gym in the heart of Naples

The Ortona-based brand has created two custom-made lighting compositions for the lighting of the Gyrotonic® Al Tempio gym

Gyrotonic® Al Tempio, Naples, Italy
Gyrotonic® Al Tempio, Naples, Italy

Inside the former chapel of an aristocratic palace of the 16th century, near the Naples waterfront, a charming place that has been restored preserving the historical architecture while updating its structure. The space is distinguished by wide vaults that touch 6 meters, handcrafted marble grit floors and majestic terracotta brick columns, with the base and capital made of piperno monoblock (a precious magmatic rock). 

A stylistic counterpoint to these elements is the functional structure of the staircase leading to the mezzanine level, made of and glass and the 17 machines that enable the implementation of the Gyrotonic® discipline, a special workout based on circular movements drawn from the key principles of dance, yoga, martial arts and swimming, whose activities are coordinated, in this gym, by Maurizio Marino.

Within this evocative setting, where the juxtaposition of old and new creates a visually striking environment that enhances the overall experience, Riflessi has created custom compositions of the Led Loop lamp, whose fundamental element is the circle that evokes the circular movements of Gyrotonic®. The finishes of the lamps, black chrome and galvanised satin copper, have been selected to echo the nuances of terracotta, steel and piperno in the space. 

Riflessi’s signature lighting points are many and range from wall sconces, to chandeliers with 1, 2 and 6 circles, to 4-circle ceiling fixtures: each composition was made for the occasion with custom-made rosettes and special structures suited to the high height of the ceilings. To illuminate the room and create an energetic or suffused atmosphere suitable for dynamic or relaxing moments, a dual lighting system that can be used as needed was implemented.