Porro | Load-it

Designed by Wolfgang Tolk, the Load-it bookcase by Porro is a versatile system for personalization, forming decorative walls that are functional at the same time

Load-it by Porro, design Wolfgang Tolk
Load-it by Porro, design Wolfgang Tolk

Not just a bookcase. Load-it by Porro, created by Wolfgang Tolk, is a versatile, variegated system that adds a remarkable decorative touch to an offering of great functional quality. The shelves and wall panels create a synergic combination to furnish contemporary interiors, with a minimalist style that plays not only with surfaces, but also with a wide range of material match-ups. 

The slim L-shaped shelves (in two widths) are made in a sturdy steel finish, coated with wax, white paint or the special material effects of burnished brass, porphyry gray or antique red. The wall panels can be customized in terms of measurements and finishes: from matte and glossy lacquer to the wood varieties of the Porro collection, mirrors, waxed steel, and the materic effects of burnished brass, porphyry gray and antique red, all the way to fabric and natural or black-stained grosgrain textures. 

The lighting plays an essential role in the design, underscoring geometric lines and material options: placed under the shelf, adjustable spotlights provide museum-like lighting, creating a refined atmosphere. 

Load-it can also be coordinated with the Modern system (with square modules, desktops and suspended elements), expanding the compositional possibilities.