Ethimo | Cross

Sustainable design by Patrick Norguet for the versatile, natural Cross tables

Cross by Ethimo, design Patrick Norguet
Cross by Ethimo, design Patrick Norguet

Living outdoors, in tune with nature. This is the ideal pursued and achieved by Ethimo in its collections. Not only thanks to their open-air function, but also through their organic lines, with a special focus on natural and ecological materials.

A perfect image of this mission is provided by Cross, a new entry for Ethimo created by Patrick Norguet: a collection of tables made in FSC teak and black cork, deployed with a special 100% ecological treatment to determine the color, texture and durability.

Available in three different sizes – diameter 100cm x height 33cm, diameter 60cm x height 43cm, diameter 40cm x height 54.5cm – the new coffee tables are perfect for insertion in outdoor settings, in constant dialogue with the surrounding natural elements. With a constant balance between form and function, Cross can adapt to any context en plein air, in homes or hotels, though it can also be used indoors, bringing a forceful touch of harmony and creativity.