Formalia Outdoor by Scavolini, design Vittore Niolu
Formalia Outdoor by Scavolini, design Vittore Niolu

The experience of 60 years and more have made Scavolini a reference point in the world of kitchens. The company has moved forward in step with the evolution of convivial life in the home over the last century, responding to new needs and habits, creating new spaces for the rituals of cooking and food preparation, and extending into the entire house with offerings for living areas and bathrooms. While trends in contemporary interior design are putting emphasis on outdoor spaces, Scavolini reshapes its approach to bring design, allure and functional quality into the open air.

The result is the company’s first series of products en plein air. Formalia Outdoor is the natural development of the Formalia system designed by Vittore Niolu, recreating its distinctive features but adapting them to new uses in terms of materials, to make the configurations strong and durable, with high performance.

The new Formalia Outdoor system has a structure in aluminium, with parts in steel or other carefully selected materials. The doors come in two finishes to create different visual and tactile effects: in steel for a technical look, or in wood for outdoor use – okoume plywood with teak veneer – to add greater materiality to the compositions.

With its rigorous lines and light appearance, Formalia Outdoor, just like its indoor counterpart, stands out for the profiled panel with inserted handle, and the Status Wall System, an open modular structure in aluminium (available in the finishes Rust, Black and Titanium) that multiplies the functional options.

The possibility of incorporating recessed or open elements generates games of symmetry, giving rise to multifunctional architectural settings. Modular design, in fact, is another fundamental aspect of the design: as many as 19 elements can be combined with appliances of the latest generation, to create models that are always different and personalized, ready for insertion in any spatial and stylistic context.

With this solution the company expands its approach, spreading throughout the entire dwelling in a continuing dialogue of style and décor concept, both in indoor settings and outdoor zones. In Formalia Outdoor the pleasure of cooking and socializing takes on a new, original expression, reflecting the exceptional quality of the creations of Scavolini.