The hub of the home: kitchen and dining room

Increasingly ductile and flexible, furniture and accessories mirror our ways of living and adapt to the nomadic and increasingly fluid lifestyles that characterise the contemporary world. They are transversal and functional and often rework classic product types in the light of new ways of living


ITLAS | Timeless modernity
Metropolitan Frames is a collection of furniture that declines three different and complementary concepts of elegance, each linked to a city: New York, London and Rome. Monti, named after the district of the Italian capital, is a series of pieces consisting of a table (with round or oval top), bookcase, chair and pouf. The recurring shape is the circular one, so closely linked to classicism: the table legs are fluted like columns, and the pouf is also an essential cylinder, like a miniature, minimalist Coliseum. Almost as if to recall the density of ancient elements that characterises the city. Modernity is brought by details: like the metal band – chrome, brass or matte black – that in the tables distances the top from the base. The colour range of the woods used is classic sobriety: natural oak, natural ash, canaletto walnut. To which is added the contemporary twist of black.

Riflessi, Atlantis

RIFLESSI | Rigor and beauty
The Atlantis table, fixed or extensible, is a summary of balanced lines and appealing materials. The structure is made with legs in die-cast aluminium, offered in a very wide range of finishes and personal interpretations, with the spirit of a bespoke product. Like the ceramic top (white Statuary, Calacatta Oro, Noir Desir, flamed taupe Piacenza stone, Greek Black, Emperador, Sahara Noir, gray or anthracite Savoia stone, blue Sodalite, Burgundy Green and Capraia), which can be matte, glossy or hammered, with 12 decorations ranging from white Statuary to blue Sodalite. The extension technology is innovative: the mechanism is in anodized aluminium, while the 80 cm extension (made from the same slab as the top to preserve the design and the grain) is stored inside the table itself.

Baxter, Jodie | Kate
Gaggenau, Serie 400

BAXTER | Color Fantasia
Different inspirations, materials and hues combine with harmony in the new creations of Baxter. Always with an eye on eclectic elegance. All the creative eclecticism of Baxter goes into the new collection for 2023. The irreverence of Pop Art, the design of the 1970s, the Majorelle blue that enchanted Yves Saint Laurent, the sparkling atmosphere of Studio 54, come back to life in seductive settings for the day and night zones. This kaleidoscope of inspirations is composed of materials and colors, skillfully mixed to offer different interpretations of the concept of elegance in the Baxter style. This is what happens in the encounter between the Jodie chairs and the Kate table (both created by Christophe Delcourt): an expression of love for electric blue, enhanced by juxtaposition with Grand Antique marble, through soft lines that emanate a sensation of comfort and informality.

GAGGENAU | Smart washing
Featuring all the latest washing technology, the Gaggenau Series 400 dishwasher offers numerous innovative functions. One of these is Zeolite – that optimises the drying process and allows more delicate objects to be washed at lower temperatures – and the new Drying Assistant function – that adds the option of automatically opening the door at the end of the cycle to optimise the drying of dishes in a completely natural way. The high standards of performance and meticulous attention to design are evident also in terms of lighting: firstly, with the discreet lateral Info-Light indicating when the ultra-silent dishwasher is in operation and secondly, with innovative back lighting that surrounds the dishes in a brilliant soft light when the dishwasher is opened with the “push-to-open” function.

Signature Kitchen Suite, SKINS Wine Cabin, design m2atelier

Signature Kitchen Suite | Two in one
An under-top wine cooler and a refined cabinet at the same time. This is the new S K I N S Wine Cabin by Signature Kitchen Suite, a work of micro-architecture for convivial settings. Designed by the studio m2atelier, S K I N S Wine Cabin is a refined cabinet that contains and encloses the undertop wine cooler, one of the latest and most versatile products of Signature Kitchen Suite (the brand of premium built-in appliances of the LG Electronics group). A freestanding element, also at the center of the room, SKINS combines urban imagery with vintage references thanks to the combination of materials for tactile and chromatic effects. The rotating central base in burnished brass supports a perforated structure in various precious guises produced by A&B Wood Finishes, including tobacco-tone wood wrapping micro-grosgrain glass. The unit can contain up to 41 bottles in the wine cooler set below the counter, together with a “vanity” zone for storage of glassware and stoppers, corkscrews and bottle openings, carafes and decanters. With SKINS the wine cabin becomes a highly decorative furnishing element, ready to enhance interiors for the most refined moments of convivial enjoyment.