Amulet by Bizzotto Italia
Amulet by Bizzotto Italia

A recognised reality in the world of furnishing for over fifty years, Bizzotto Italia is now projecting itself into the future thanks to the new generations that have devised a strategic path in collaboration with the School of Design of the Polytechnic University and that is realised with the #TIS_Thesis Incubator design Studio project, directed by Arch. Prof. Giovanna Piccinno, an applied research activity aimed at investigating “New Design-driven development strategies for the Furniture and Equipment Design sector in the Digital Era.”

On the occasion of the 61st edition of the Salone del Mobile, Bizzotto Italia tells its story through the concept Italian Design Beyond time, a reflection on the passage of time and the unchanging beauty of natural wood. That beauty of nature that is transformed into pure art and irregular shapes into uniqueness, to give life to a historical piece of the company, the Icon table from the Sidney collection signed by Tiziano Bizzotto, which is revived in the new interpretation curated by interior designer Elisa Sabrina Bizzotto, where tradition and sustainability are combined with renewed sensitivity.

Icon, Sidney collection by Bizzotto Italia, design Elisa Sabrina Bizzotto

An example of this sensitivity are the circular veins of the sections that tell of the passage of time and the natural ageing process of huge centuries-old plants that are recovered, not cut down, avoiding the destructive consequences of deforestation processes. Or the original wild beauty of the briar raw material that is respected and enhanced through the use of non-toxic water-based paints suitable for everyday use. The distinctive zigzag shape of the glass leg, also a sustainable and recyclable material, contributes conceptually and stylistically to define the strength and exclusivity of this piece. The two side plates of the glass base with their particular slanted cut create a soaring effect highlighted by the slight rounded bevel that softens the sharpness of the glass.

Pluff collection by Bizzotto Italia

The importance of pursuing a sustainable approach to design is reflected in a series of design choices already evident in the Pluff collection of occasional tables and totem bookcases. Designed to last, these products perfectly embody the concept of durability of high-end products, are designed to be passed on and have a strong emotional component.

Arousing emotions through a multi-sensory approach is the first challenge of Deborah Bizzotto, the company’s marketing manager. This approach finds its expression in the stand settings designed by Bizzotto Italia for the Salone del Mobile, where a central role is reserved for the Nara collection, which narrates a journey in style, true beauty, inspired by different cultures of the world: a curious, refined and cosmopolitan soul that speaks through every detail cared for, every material chosen, every chromatic effect.