Babby by Contardi, design Paola Navone
Babby by Contardi, design Paola Navone

The fulcrum of the design of the Baggy lamp designed by Paola Navone for Contardi is the skilful workmanship of the materials, capable of making the polycarbonate diffuser look like a crumpled paper tube. In fact, the lamp plays on the equivocation of materials to show its playful and informal face, like the pair of oversized trousers that inspire its name. Even the textile cord – a functional joining element used to support the lamp in the suspended version and to join the elements together for the table and floor versions – plays the card of having happened to be there by chance, ironically stolen from other worlds.

«Like all our designs», says Paola Navone, «Baggy is the result of a unique alchemy between our way of doing things and a company’s technical ability. In a very special way, Contardi has followed our attitude to imperfection, accepting to decline the rigorous technical essence that belongs to it into a lamp project with an ephemeral balance and an air as playful and ironic as its name. Baggy was born from the encounter with Contardi’s incredible know-how in interpreting the most advanced LED technology in indoor and outdoor collections with a contemporary soul, with great attention to the quality of the materials and attention to detail».

What makes the Baggy collection special is the organic shape inside which is housed a light source composed of a custom LED that emits light in a magical and unexpected way. «In our designs», the designer continues, «light is a determining element and we are very fascinated by being able to imagine luminous objects. In our way of thinking about design, technology is never a limitation, rather a chance to experiment with new creative possibilities and new connections between worlds’». The collection naturally tells of Contardi’s great professionalism in interpreting light in a versatile and technically perfect way. It also tells of their free and visionary soul, curious to experiment with different languages, even with an irregular, disjointed and ironically imperfect mood like Baggy.

Baggy by Contardi, design Paola Navone

Paola Navone – Photo © Enrico Conti