Soft-chic immersion amidst mountains

The quiet grandeur of mountain peaks, suggested by the warmth of wooden furnishings by Very Wood inside the Mountains Hotel, in the Austrian Tyrol

Mountains Hotel, Seefeld in Tirol, Austria
Mountains Hotel, Seefeld in Tirol, Austria

The passion for high altitudes seems to go hand in hand with the love of wood in the Seefeld region of the Austrian Tyrol. This is the starting point for trails followed by hikers, cyclists and skiers. In an enviable location, the Mountains Hotel offers respite for guests in a welcoming, refined atmosphere.

The interiors remain in constant dialogue with the snowy landscape thanks to large windows, enjoyed from the comfortable warmth of spaces with wooden furnishings. The tactile and sensory qualities of this precious natural material are conveyed by Very Wood with a distinctive touch throughout the spaces. In the corridors leading to the guestrooms, the benches of the Rodeo series in ash with padded seats, created by Matteo Ragni and Chiara Moreschi, suggest indulging in a phase of decompression after strenuous sporting activities.

The various areas of the restaurant offer a nonchalant convivial tone, where visitors can sample culinary delights and selected wines, in rooms furnished with collections that coexist in the same context, different in their image and colors, but unified by extreme comfort and functional quality. The dining areas mix soft and enveloping materials, essential lines and pastel colors, shifting into green, lilac, pink and pale gray.

The ample, soft chairs of the Carmen collection by Matteo Thun alternate with practical stackable models by Paola Navone (Frame). The configurations also include the Bellevue seating by This Weber, juxtaposed with the Camden stackable chairs by the same designer, with a more contemporary look. Very Wood also furnishes the bar and lounge area, where the Carmen stools and the bergères of the Bellevue line echo the hues of the restaurant, suggesting enticing moments of relaxation.