Private residence, Barcelona - Photo © Daniel Schäfer
Private residence, Barcelona - Photo © Daniel Schäfer

Furnishings: Stem lamp La Cicogne, 177 Kensington Barcelona – Cabinet by Charlotte Perriand 1958, Antigues Materies – Table lamp Bach, Federico Correa & Alfonso Milá (1970) – Mesa-Escultura Leda by Salvador Dalí (BD ediciones de arte) – Lamps by Omalight – Handmade rugs produced in Turkestan (Iran) – Batlló double seat, Antoni Gaudí (BD Barcelona) – Houdini chairs by Stefan Diez (E15) – Table in natural wood by Jordi Vilanova, 1960 – Original African chairs, 1950 ca. – Explorer vases by Jaime Hayon for BD Barcelona – Ceramic objects by Ciella Mar – Chairs designed by Antoni de Moragas in 1954 – Bauche 1946 chair by Charlotte Perriand – White table by Alex March
Paintings: Viento, Camino, Nobles and Alma series by Iñaki Moreno
Sculptures: Julio Bono, José Berlanga
Stylist: Erika G. Lee
Photo credits: Daniel Schäfer

The context – an exclusive one, of course – is the elegant, peaceful zone of Parque Turó in Barcelona. The creator of the project is the interior designer Alex March, relying on multiple experiences in the worlds of antiques, cinema and contemporary art. “When we formulate a project in my studio,” the designer says, “we are interested in exploring and understanding the personal needs of every client, connecting with their vision with the aim of discovering and respecting authenticity. We translate all this into thoroughly pondered spaces and objects that contain an intimate, personal history.”

Applying this approach, March has recently reinterpreted a large apartment (260 sqm) for a client who loves contemporary art, especially the large paintings by the Majorcan artist Iñaki Moreno, which add their expressionist presence to the main spaces of the residence. The objective was also to preserve a rural building from the 1920s, updating it for new needs, with widespread use of solid oak.

Here March has combined sophisticated chromatic balance, based on warm Mediterranean hues ignited by African echoes, with great design classics and refined crafted one-offs, such as the lamps by the designer of Afghan origin Omar Sherzad (Omalight) or the wool carpets imported from Turkestan. Other objects and furnishings are anonymous vintage pieces, tracked down in specialized galleries.

“Art and crafts have always been key factors in our creations,” March explains. “We carefully select pieces from different eras, which we recover, conserve and enhance, transforming them into indispensable tools for transformation. In this case, the client wanted to have a new relationship with the house, making it stimulating and timeless, elegant and cheerful, balanced but full of character.”

The true protagonist in the living area is the large Leda table-sculpture, designed by Salvador Dalí and produced by BD Ediciones. On top, the egg in Carrara marble draws direct inspiration from the painting Femme à tête de roses (1935) by the Surrealist master. A cabinet designed by Charlotte Perriand in 1958 supports a panel composed of original drawings by Piero Fornesetti, and a sculpture by Julio Bono.

In the dining room the iconic Batlló double seat designed by Antoni Gaudí for the famous Casa of the same name in Barcelona and produced by BD Ediciones is placed beside a table in natural wood created by Jordi Vilanova in 1960. African overtones return in the intimate, relaxing master bedroom, featuring a timeless dégagé classic of international design, the Bauche 1946 chair in wood and straw by Charlotte Perriand.