Society Cafè, Dubai - Photo © Alex Jeffries
Society Cafè, Dubai - Photo © Alex Jeffries

A graphic, subtle, almost impalpable sign. Nemo‘s Zirkol system seems to disappear within the space, merging with it: one feels its slight presence once it is turned on. Then a line of light crosses the rooms, revealing them. The Zirkol collection takes shape from the precision of a circle (Zirkol-C), and then develops into multiple figures and applications, depending on whether the pattern expands to softer or orthogonal geometries, where the curve is the hallmark of the design. Up to linear solutions, which sublimate the design by trapping it in a segment of light. Finally, it is possible to play with a series of modules for totally customizable configurations.

Stanford University, Florence, Italy – Project: Cloro Studio – Pier Paolo Carta and Valeria Zammarchi – Photo © Fabio Bascetta

Zirkol’s design makes it a transversal and versatile solution: aesthetically, it comes with an elegant anodized aluminum body, offered in black, white and matte gold finishes, which emanates homogeneous illumination (thanks also to the opal protection screen) through different color temperatures. Conceptually, it is intended for any type of environment, be it residential, office or hospitality, not only because it is able to dialogue with the most varied interior styles, but also thanks to the variety of sizes for every shape-even remarkable ones, up to 3mt in length per module and 5mt in diameter-transforming from a decorative element of a home to a system capable of bringing maximum visual comfort for work or community spaces.

There are, in fact, many references that testify to its changing yet precise identity, which also earned it the coveted Red Dot Design Award 2020. For the Royal Bank of Turin project, architects Andrea Virano and Valentina Tondo chose Zirkol in curved configurations, in keeping with the office furniture, and linear ones instead for the transit spaces.

Banca Reale, Turin, Italy – Architects: Andrea Virano, Valentina Tondo – Photo © Enrico Murano

Biffi Boutique, Milan – Project: Nori Studio – Photo © Gianluca Caldara

In the offices of the Biffi Boutique in Milan, Nori Studio played with the expressive potential of the system through multiple configurations, even composing several linear elements among them to move the light in an environment with marked geometries, and that above all needed an artificial lighting support.

The collection acquires a different appeal by simply varying finishes and form: at the Society Café in Dubai (by Xo Atelier), the system frames the central bar area and outlines the gathering spaces with great visual refinement, in a gold finish that matches the naturalness of the furnishings. Or as inside Stanford University in Florence (designed by Cloro Studio) where Nemo’s signature light frame becomes resplendent between art and architecture.

Society Cafè, Dubai – Project: XO Atelier x Mad Hospitality – Photo © Alex Jeffries