EF Group: value from sustainability

The fil rouge that connects saying and doing lies in being: this is not just an intriguing game of words, but a theorem to convey the mission of EF Group in the area of sustainability. The sustainable being for EF Group starts with its own in-house organization, from behaviors, a code of ethics shared by the whole company, strict commitments and the pursuit of certifications that represent goals, though they are never definitive achievements

EF Group has its own Academy that has first trained the top managers, and has then organized training programs on sustainability for all employees. Being ‘green’ today requires courage and commitment of resources, but it is the key (perhaps the only one) that can bring concrete, measurable responses to the increasingly urgent questions of real sustainability.

EF Group, a contractor based in Turin, gets beyond the (very aesthetic) concept of “less ego, more eco.” In 2021 the firm accelerates its process of conversion to sustainable thinking, moving so quickly as to become – in a world practically without rules on this subject – the first and only real benchmark for its own stakeholders: staff, agencies, clients and suppliers. The circular economy is concretely applied in EF Group, thanks to visions and solutions for the present and the future.

Investors, developers who call in the world of projects for their implementations – at all levels and in all areas (from hospitality to residential, office to retail) – are specifically seeking virtuous paths in terms of drastic reduction of environmental impact.

The new generations of workers are increasingly oriented towards the potential of the workplace, also (and often above all) in terms of commitment to sustainability.

EF Group is a virtuous general contractor, with a record of successful projects for important, demanding clients: Intesa Sanpaolo (museum), Lavazza (museum and flagship store), Marazzi (showroom), Safilo (events), JTI (retail), Fameccanica (headquarters), B&B Italia (flagship store), just to name a few.

Working with EF Group implies a choice with respect to sustainability, based on real numbers and everyday behaviors.

It means entering a circuit of personal and professional growth, as well as interaction with a contractor offering high levels of specialization in various fields. EF Group is a reliable partner for the implementation of projects.

With EF Group one enters one of the few socially responsible and professionally impeccable organizations on the scene today. Above all, EF Group is the concrete demonstration that sustainability is not just a noun, but also an objective that – to quote Gene Wilder – “could work!”