Baxter at MUDEC

The restaurant of three-star Michelin chef Enrico Bartolini at MUDEC gets a makeover and chooses Baxter to create a harmonious blend of food & design

Enrico Bartolini, Mudec, Milan - Photo © Fabrizio Cicconi
Enrico Bartolini, Mudec, Milan - Photo © Fabrizio Cicconi

Arte, design, gusto. Non manca alcun ingrediente per creare un’esperienza sensorialmente stimolante e indimenticabile all’interno del ristorante del tre stelle Michelin Enrico Bartolini al MUDEC – Museo delle Culture di Milano. Ancor più se la location si mostra con una nuova veste rinnovata firmata Baxter.

Art, design, taste. No ingredient is lacking to make for a sensory stimulating, unforgettable experience in Enrico Bartolini‘s three-star Michelin restaurant at MUDEC – Museum of Cultures in Milan. And now it is showing off a new renovated look designed by Baxter.

Baxter gave expression to the desire for warm, classic, familiar spaces in an absolutely contemporary environment, creating an oasis whose convivial quality can be immediately perceived from the entrance lounge. A succession of bookcases, sofas, armchairs and coffee tables (including the Belt sofa and the modular solutions of Libelle) combine with materials like wood, leather, soft leathers in warm hues to create a home-like atmosphere of timeless elegance.

The internal lounge has a more formal feel as translated in the design to a large wainscoting, color contrasts in cooler hues based on shades of navy and blueberry. This is also home to the ultra-lightweight Gemma chairs.

Artworks on the wall, two photos and one painting, serve to mitigate the austere style. Though Chef Bartolini likes for the table where we eat to have its “uniform,” with an ironed tablecloth and the right napkins, the important thing – according to him – is not to be a slave to etiquette: “We welcome sopping up the sauce with bread at the end, when it is done with gusto, because this creates a sense of trust between the guest and myself and the place.”

The culinary and style experiences continue on the patio that seems to immerse us in a tropical forest, beautifully matched with Baxter’s outdoor collection, such as the iroko pieces, Himba and Hakuna Matata, with rough, natural textures in contrast to Dharma‘s lacquers. This eclecticism seals the sense of affinity between the company and the chef.

Photo © Fabrizio Cicconi