Color, above all

Sigma Coatings presents its color for 2023: Vining Ivy, the result of in-depth reflections on the world around us

Corner of modern kitchen with white walls, concrete floor, arched cupboard, white countertops with built in cooker and wooden bar with stools. 3d rendering

Sigma Coatings stops time on a yearly basis, to translate socializing and the mood of the moment into a color, with an eye on the future. Henri Matisse said “color, even more than drawing, is a means of liberation,” and the solution proposed by the company in the PPG Architectural Coatings group sets out to become the perfect piece of a puzzle that brings serenity and stillness.

Vining Ivy by Sigma Coatings

Because – and here we can turn to Wassily Kandinsky – “color is a power that directly influences the soul. Vining Ivy, with its expressive dialogue between green and blue, represents energy and tranquility at the same time. It can be chosen for interior contexts, but also for the automotive, fashion and aerospace industries.

Reflection is the true essence of color, and the rebound of light on its surface is what creates impact, both in the three-dimensional world of objects and in the chromatic surface. But color also has a dual impact, in its primary essence and in its utilization.

Origin by Sigma Coatings
Serenity by Sigma Coatings

The conceptual line of thinking produced by Sigma Coatings in recent years has been forcefully oriented towards a holistic dimension: from Quiet Clearing (2019) to Chinese Porcelain (2020), from Transcend (2021) to Olive Spring (2022), the sequence seems to have been spontaneously formulated to head towards this year’s hue. The message seems to be: “don’t worry… there’s color.”

Duality by Sigma Coatings
Duality by Sigma Coatings

As Francesco Pezzo, Commercial Specification Manager PPG Architectural Coatings Italy, explains: “Vining Ivy is ideal to restore vigor to the personality of a home, or of just one room. This hue is a protagonist in its own right, but it can also add glamour, sophistication or eccentricity, based on the choice of combinations with pastel tones, in warmer or brighter variations.”

Sigma Coatings explores the chromatic universe in search of soft and contemporary combinations, offering three palettes – Serenity, Origin and Duality – rich in forceful, decisive choices, all corresponding to the same basic idea: serenity.