Ma-dama, Contemporary Wallpaper collection by Wall&decò
Ma-dama, Contemporary Wallpaper collection by Wall&decò

Three new inspirational moodboards – for a total of as many as 71 original graphics – have generated the new Contemporary Wallpaper 2023 collection by Wall&decò: “Virtual Aesthetic” with powerful, high-impact tones, almost in Technicolor, for a futuristic celebration of a brilliant, optimistic world; “Cocoon” with rigorously natural colors and textures, where shades of earth, sand, terracotta and straw combine in luminous, welcoming spaces; and “Post Metaverse,” with all the shades of gray, composed of light and metal, to dominate any setting.

News on paper, Contemporary Wallpaper collection by Wall&decò

Valmont, Contemporary Wallpaper collection by Wall&decò

“I particularly like this collection and I would like to thank our designers for the way they have interpreted the three initial moodboard – each with their own visual code and technique, therefore with solutions that are very different from each other, but with a shared leitmotif: bold, never banal and at the same time extremely sophisticated image,” says Christian Benini, founder and creative director of the brand. “Because Wall&decò is precisely this: visual offerings of forceful personality, capable of creating evocative atmospheres that generate emotions through color and imagination.”

Many outstanding creative talents have made their own contribution to the collection: Anna Vermiglia De Carlo, Antonella Guidi, Antonio Marras, Ctrlzak, Debonademeo, Draga&Aurel, Elisa Vendramin, Eva Germani, Federico Peri, Francesca Zoboli, Gio Tirotto, Giovanni Pesce, Gupica, Ines Porrino, Lorenzo De Grandis, Le Dictateur, Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, Mae Engelgeer, Maria Gomez Garcia, Paolo Badesco + Costantino Affuso, Serena Confalonieri, Shout, Simone Fanciullacci, Studio Salaris, Studiopepe, Talva Design, Tommaso Spinzi.

African canvas, Contemporary Wallpaper collection by Wall&decò

Cave, Contemporary Wallpaper collection by Wall&decò

“Wallpaper has become many different things,” says Christian Benini. “Besides its technical virtues, which have to be cutting-edge and sustainable today, wallpaper now represents an effective and versatile way to ‘dress up’ homes, also through visual transmission of the personality of the inhabitants. I use the term ‘dress’ not by chance: wallpaper permits constantly new interpretations of our habitat.”

The process leading to the formulation of the three moodboards has been complex and fascinating: “from May/June onward, I identify what may be the trends, taking my cue from my surroundings, starting with the world of fashion, design and art,” the creative director adds. “Then I work through synthesis. The results are macro-trends which I then submit to the designers. Today trends are more fragmented than in the past, with a strong emotional component. This is why the three moodboards of Contemporary Wallpaper cover three precise types of personalities, while allowing us to interpret almost all the nuances of the human spirit.”

Christian Benini

Gram green, Contemporary Wallpaper collection by Wall&decò

Cubic, Contemporary Wallpaper collection by Wall&decò

Levity, Contemporary Wallpaper collection by Wall&decò

The recent acquisition on the part of the Swedish group Embellence, whose portfolio contains various brands in the premium interior decoration segment, has not limited the creativity entirely “Made in Italy” of Wall&decò. “Embellence Group is an important corporation,” Benini concludes. “With them, we have a greater possibility of bringing our ‘Italian identity’ out into the world.”