Euromobil Group: a space in Mexico City

In the Mexican capital, an extremely dynamic city in terms of architecture, the group composed of Euromobil, Zalf and Désirée opens a new showroom. With a fine view

Showroom Gruppo Euromobil, Mexico City
Showroom Gruppo Euromobil, Mexico City

Mexico City, according to the United Nations, is the largest urban area in the Western Hemisphere, second in the world only to Tokyo. A chaotic, immense metropolis that is the gateway to Latin America.

It is the oldest capital in the Americas, where old and new architecture coexist in a surprising blend. With 160 public museums and galleries (more than Paris or New York), the city has great variety of cultural life. Moreover, the capital of Mexico is going through a real estate boom; in the planning or under construction, there are as many as 75 buildings with a height of over 250 meters on the way.

These characteristics of dynamism have prompted Euromobil Group (which combines the brands Euromobil, Zalf and Désirée) to open a showroom in Mexico City. More than 350 square meters, at the 11th floor of a building of the new generation in the Santa Fe district, one of the city’s most exclusive zones.

The facility is a large and extremely welcoming open space, offering an overview of all the creations of the group, produced in collaboration with internationally renowned designers like Roberto Gobbo (the long-term art director), Marc Sadler, Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez, Setsu & Shinobu Ito and Jai Jalan: kitchens that open onto living areas, dining and relaxation zones, night zones with wardrobes and closets. This opening, following the celebrations for the first 50 years of the group’s activity in 2022, is part of a policy of consolidation and expansion of the company’s presence abroad.