A tasteful balance

For the new restaurant 13.10, just outside Milan, designer Serena Confalonieri chose HD Surface tactile surfaces to cover the ceiling and much of the walls

13.10 Restaurant, Vimercate, Italy
13.10 Restaurant, Vimercate, Italy

The wit of the Milanese designer Serena Confalonieri meets the culinary philosophy of chef Marcello Passoni in the new boutique restaurant 13.10. Its intimate, inviting space stretches around a classic Brianza inner courtyard. Its spaces are deftly arranged through soft contrasts balancing patterns and colors with select furnishing pieces and custom-made items to create a home-like, convivial atmosphere.

For the ceilings and most of the walls of 13.10, the designer chose products from the Argille collection from HD Surface, which specializes in producing continuous surfaces. A completely natural brushed cladding, with irregular appearance and depth, porous and velvety to the touch is achieved by combining clay, plant cell fibers, natural limestone, and micronized marble powder.

A variety of colors embrace and infuse warmth into the interiors and are made from the mixture of colored earths and oxides favoring hues from pink to beige and green to gray as well as white.