Holiday Club, Tampere, Finland
Holiday Club, Tampere, Finland

The history of the building, its spirit, becomes the pivot around which the Fyra design group has developed the interiors for the new rooms of the Holiday Club Tampere Spa complex in Finland. The spaces are those of the former Lapinniemi cotton mill, from the early 1900s, the first to produce fabrics using the pioneering technique of Timo Sarpaneva, permitting the manufacture of almost psychedelic watercolor motifs.

The prints by the Finnish artist and designer, invented in the 1960s, appear over the beds, acting as eccentric headboards and taking a central position in the rooms. The original fabrics produced in the cotton mill have of course become a source of inspiration for Fyra, working on a game of clear contrasts between the calm tones of walls and floors and the bright colors of the textile surfaces.

This creative team is accustomed to challenging conventions, transforming spaces into stimulating visual experiences. They create settings that improve wellbeing through carefully organized levels, with an accent on social and environmental responsibility. Here too, the effort is to create interiors through strategic use of resources, keeping the overall impact of the choices in mind.

In the firm belief that “interior design has remarkable potential to reduce emissions, and we aim to achieve this together with the clients. A regenerative circular economy with low carbon emissions is our objective. For this reason, we stay actively informed and updated on operative models.” In this project they’ve done it again, with many custom furnishings specially created for the spaces. Elements marked by rigorous forms, simple curves and soft padding, within a well-balanced, welcoming layout.

Photo © Riikka Kantinkoski