Creative grafting

Antolini stones trigger a lively dialogue between different styles inside a private residence in a Verona. A project by the architect Mario Santini

Private residence, Verona, Italy
Private residence, Verona, Italy

Expressive, elegant, rigorous: the eclectic restyling of a private residence in Verona by the architect Mario Santini. A reinterpretation of the 1950s and 1970s, in a bold ongoing relationship between natural stone and wallcoverings. A fascinating mixture of minimalism and décor, for a warm, welcoming atmosphere where the protagonists are the exclusive materials of Antolini.

The excellent craftsmanship and technological innovation of the company Made in Italy take on a decisive role, especially in the kitchen, a versatile and convivial space. Here the gaze is captured by an island with a top entirely clad in Black Cosmic granite with the Leather finish, where white veins of quartz and clusters of mica (mineral groupings) alternate with small golden accents. The block contains an induction range and a vanishing sink, which when covered becomes a large worksurface, combined with the colorful geometric effects of wallpaper in 1950s style.

For visual continuity, the Black Cosmic granite returns in the same finish, utilized in an unusual way in the living area. Specifically in the lower part of the bookcase, to permit insertion of a fireplace whose horizontal rectangular form amplifies the aesthetic force of the piece.

Antolini returns in the house’s bathrooms. In the master bath, the architect offers a perception of an outdoor setting with the Silver Roots marble in a Leather finish, utilized for the horizontal counter, the washstands, the vertical surfaces and the shower. All this interacts with a novel 3D wallcovering by Pierre Frey, which echoes the design of bamboo, cladding the walls and ceiling. The effect is engaging, fostering physical and metal regeneration.

A second bathroom also presents a natural setting of great charm. The floral wallpaper by the English brand Cole & Son, with lively, forceful hues, forms a contrast with the neutral color of the Silver Roots marble, where delicate tones of gray with slim branching veins cover the washstand block and the perimeter wall.