A form that is pure in its asymmetry, and organic in its sinuous lines, suggesting the image of a flower as it blooms. Natuzzi Italia seeks an authentic way of living, in line with the evolution and transformation of everyday life, culminating in the design of Timeless, a modular sofa by the designer Lorenza Bozzoli.  

Natuzzi Italia, with the project launched in the second chapter of Circle of Harmony, titled “Live the Transition,” has focused on a normality that is capable of “looking beyond,” of finding a new “era of harmony” inside the domestic dimension. The resulting collections, with the collaboration of 8 different design firms, all reflect the paradigm of “rethinking our way of living in the home, starting with contemporary habitat requirements and enhancing them through the brand’s innovative vision,” says Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, Chief Creative Officer.

The creation by Lorenza Bozzoli – within the group of creative talents called in to take part in the project – meets the company’s desires perfectly, through a proposal that is simultaneously modern, aesthetically sophisticated and multifunctional. Timeless, with its lightness and clear echoes of the world of flowers, transmits a sense of visual comfort and the idea of Mediterranean slow living – connected to the beauty of nature, the pleasure of contemplation – that has always been a key factor in the style of Natuzzi Italia. Welcoming, inviting, with a deep soft seat, the model is the ideal representation of a new dimension of residential wellbeing.

“Timeless is a project that sets out to be an ode to rebirth, to the beginning of a positive new life cycle – says Lorenza Bozzoli. – Rebirth comes in a perspective of inclusion, the welcome of a warm Mediterranean embrace.”

Timeless by Natuzzi Italia, Design Lorenza Bozzoli

The modules, covered on all sides, permit creation of various configurations, adapting to different settings and needs – for relaxation, personal shelter, socializing, entertaining, but also for study and work – with an even more striking theatrical effect when placed at the center of the room. Available in leather or fabric, Timeless stands out for its sartorial workmanship, also based on the designer’s background in fashion, to combine classic and contemporary, daring and tradition, an informal spirit and refinement. In a word, harmony according to Natuzzi.