Palazzo Raggi, Rome
Palazzo Raggi, Rome

The palazzo returns as a living part of the city, with its architectural value and residential function. Palazzo Raggi, a prestigious building from the early 1700s in the historical center of Rome, will once again fulfill its original purpose. The renovation for this use, stipulated by the Master Plan for the central zones of the capital, has involved first of all Green Stone, the leading Italian self-managed multi-sector real estate investment program specializing in residential developments. And then the architecture firms Tamburini and dL Engineering based in Rome, for the restoration, and Scandurra – based in Milan – for the interior design.

An investment of over 40 million euros, for which the first phase was necessarily the historical analysis and study of the property layouts of the initial construction, to form the basis for the regeneration and design of future residential units. The repair of the finishes on the external façades has already been completed, restoring their original color, while work continues on the interiors, slated for completion by the middle of 2024.

The rigorous refurbishing brings out the strong points of the palazzo, preserving its finer architectural features, such as the monumental staircase, the wooden coffered ceilings and the classic Roman cobblestones of the pavement at the entrance, leading to the hall.

The spaces at ground level, excluded from the refurbishing project, have been set aside for commercial activities – as in the past – while the upper levels contain 30 apartments, each different from the others. The flats of different sizes conserve the charm of the 18th century, which is enhanced by the contemporary lines of the interior layout and the furnishings, always with well-balanced use of innovation.

The balance between comfort and efficient use of space dominates, formulated with the finest materials and high-performance features like the central heating with radiant floor panels, or the home automation system, which also permits remote control of many functions. The apartments on the higher levels offer another plus: true secret gardens that offer unique, striking views of the city.

The marketing of the homes has been entrusted exclusively to Sotheby’s International Realty Italy, with an adjacent showroom where potential clients can touch the materials utilized and have an immersive experience through virtual visits inside a sample apartment. There are also technological platforms to reach international buyers all over the world.