Amabilia Private Suites, Milan
Amabilia Private Suites, Milan

Owner: Chiara Morgante
Hotel operator: Brera Apartments/HotelSolutions
Interior design: Federico Peri
Furnishings: custom made; Molteni&C
Textiles: Lelièvre Paris
Photo credits: courtesy Amabilia Suites by Brera Apartments, Paola Pansini; courtesy by Molteni&C

The location could not be more prime. The four independent suites, set in a 19th-century residence, overlook the Milan Cathedral, showing us the way to a new frontier of luxury hospitality. On the top floor of the recently restored Palazzo Carminati, Amabilia Private Suites feature a refined design of well-balanced neutral colors. They are the first actualization of a format conceived by Chiara Morgante, the owner and businesswoman. It will be coming soon to Venice and other Italian cities. An agreement has been formed with Brera Apartments, which will be in charge of the hospitality, managed by HotelSolutions, a strategic revenue management company, the first to implement the ‘dispersed hotel’ experience in Milan.

“I immediately saw the enormous potential of a location like that of Amabilia Suites,” says Paolo Catoni, CEO of HotelSolutions. “It literally goes straight to the collective imagination of a high-end international clientele as a coveted, intimate, familiar place to stay in Milan, giving them a different experience than that of a luxury hotel. We worked with Chiara Morgante to heighten the sense of feeling at home.”

Morgante is eager to make clear that “Amabilia is not an apartment converted into a suite, but a luxury suite project designed and fine-tuned to provide excellent comfort in a charming residence. Nothing has been left to chance, including the room’s acoustic soundproofing of the rooms, 40-decibel doors, the humidification system that keeps the air perfect, the size of the beds and showers, the arrangement of the switches and sockets, and the cards to open the doors. All was planned and designed down to the last detail, drawing on the invaluable consulting and suggestions of Paolo Catoni.”

The interior design of Federico Peri helped make this a unique experience, recreating the elegant atmosphere of a home in the heart of Italy’s fashion capital. The interior designer carefully maintained the original architectural design’s appeal and graced the interiors with sophisticated details and finishes. He mixed contemporary touches and elements of historical value with custom-made and design works of art and furniture, such as those by Molteni&C.

The interiors feature many iconic pieces, including the D.153.1 and D.151.4 armchairs designed by Gio Ponti, the Panna Cotta coffee tables by Ron Gilad, Vicino by Foster + Partners and When by Rodolfo Dordoni, as well as the Pass-Word sideboard by Dante Bonuccelli.

Amabilia Suites include a common living area, a kitchen and four theme-based double suites — Montenapoleone, Triennale, Scala and Aperitivo — with walk-in closets and en-suite bathrooms, giving guests a conceptual tour of Milan. It is as if by going through the rooms, the guests get to visit the key places of the city, starting from the common space — a living area reflecting classic Milanese sobriety — and get to enjoy the experience of that special mix of comfort, understatement, and luxury.

Peri says, “I wanted to create a little gem, a place that would evoke the elegance of the Milanese atmosphere while conveying warmth through selected colors, refined woods and sophisticated fabrics.”