Blå Station | Innovation C

A 20th anniversary for the original furniture of Blå Station: halfway between a seat and a desk, a multifunctional element required by the contemporary office

Innovation C by Blå Station, Design Fredrik Mattson
Innovation C by Blå Station, Design Fredrik Mattson

20 year old, and more timely than ever before. Innovation C, designed in 2002 by Fredrik Mattson, has lost none of its originality – anything but. Thanks to its innate multifunctional nature, it is now an indispensable element of the concept of contemporary workspace. 

The seat, which stems from a light graphic sign ideally traced in space, permits multiple, more comfortable or informal positions, depending on how the armrest is used: from a comfortable chair to a practical stool, relying on the arm as a desk on which to put a laptop, an iPad, documents or a quick cup of coffee.

For its 20th birthday, Innovation C dresses up in intense, distinctive monochrome hues. To create this seat, the designer (still a student at the time) took his cue from the businessmen he would see at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, who during long waits worked with laptop computers perched precariously on their knees or on the backs of chairs. Two decades later, these digital devices have become an essential part of everyday life, and Innovation C can display all of its innovative modernity.