Cimento | Fondamenta

Designed by Patrcia Urquiola, the Fondamenta collection of side tables creates functional compositions of personalized modules

Fondamenta by Cimento, Design Patricia Urquiola
Fondamenta by Cimento, Design Patricia Urquiola

Ready for varied configuration and personalization, in different sizes and heights, the new Fondamenta side tables are a reference to the modular design of the past, and stand out for their fine balance of looks and form. They are available in a range of colors and new finishes, based on an extensive process of experimentation conducted by the designer and the company.

Their indoor-outdoor capabilities are also fundamental: the items are perfect in indoor contexts or outside, thanks to the material with which they have been shaped. CIMENTO®, in fact, is a unique, versatile compound made with over 90% mineral aggregates mixed with a cementitious binder. Under the artistic direction of Aldo Parisotto, the creations of Cimento combine high performance, sensory impressions, aesthetic research and flexibility of use.

Photo © Alberto Strada