A moving world

Important fairs and conferences in New York, London and Paris: November is a key month for the hospitality design industry. And it is also the moment of spotlight for creativity in the Middle East

Downtown Design, Dubai
Downtown Design, Dubai

It’s there for all to see: the world is traveling again. While in 2021 international tourism revenues grew by 6% to reach 509 billion euros (about 40% of pre-pandemic levels, according to Banca d’Italia’s study on international tourism, June 2022), this year things have gotten even better: for Italy alone, for example, the estimates of the market research institute Demoskopika predict tourist spending in Italy at 26 billion (+11.8% over 2021).

Ruben Modigliani - Photo © Valentina Sommariva
Ruben Modigliani, Editor-In-Chief – Photo © Valentina Sommariva

The hospitality sector reaps a large share in this. Along with furnishings, a closely connected area. In the next few weeks New York, London and Paris will host key appointments for the hospitality design industry: EquipHotel, BDNY, Sustainable Design Summit, Cruise Ship Interiors Expo Europe. Here too, as in the rest of our society, the urgent theme is sustainability: the need is felt to combine aesthetic research, novelty, higher standards of service and increasingly intelligent use of resources. It will be interesting to keep an eye on this evolution.

The design world, in all its aspects (idea, implementation, communication) has always been a world of travel. The openings of new flagship stores of major brands have resumed. And international events have gained momentum: this can be seen in Cologne with Orgatec, where in spite of visitor numbers still far from pre-pandemic levels (45,000 as opposed to 63,000 in 2018), the atmosphere was very positive.

In this context, there are also great expectations for Dubai Design Week and Downtown Design: with China and Russia out of the picture at the moment on the big circuit of sector events, the Middle East continues to be a strategic market.

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