The office of the future

Fantoni participates in the interior design for the new Arabian Centres Company headquarters in Riyadh, a concrete expression of flexibility and efficiency in the office context

Arabian Centres Company, Riyadh, UAE
Arabian Centres Company, Riyadh, UAE

“This is a living design, since a constantly changing environment is the soul of the shopping center and the retail market. This is also the first of many new regional and mall offices, which will be smaller in scale, of course, but will share the same identity, flexibility, and spirit of the headquarters,” says architect Nicolás Gaito, Head of Design for the new HQ of the Arabian Centres Company, the main owner and operator of shopping centers in Arabia.

The company’s offices are in U Walk mall in Riyadh and were built to accommodate 265 employees in a flexible, efficient work environment covering 4,500 square meters over two floors, plus a 1,000-square-meter outdoor area.

Fantoni‘s contribution was key to the interior design of this contemporary workspace: “Fantoni’s extensive range – with workstations like Sistema 28, Framework, and Hub with actual trees inside; reception desks like Quaranta5; and the Acoustic Room boxes – played a big role in how the space was designed.”

Materials, textures, colors, and finishes were all carefully chosen to create an inviting, comfortable environment that also facilitates daily office operations.

Photo © courtesy of Arabian Centres Company marketing dept.