Bigfoot GIO' by Protek
Bigfoot GIO' by Protek

The ability to transform the usual, the talent to find novel solutions, to look at the world around us with new eyes. These are just some of the characteristics shared by Art in the narrow sense of the term, and the productive excellence of any company. 

To borrow the words of Frida Kahlo, we might say that “I still see horizons where you draw borders” could be the perfect definition for the philosophy of Protek. Through the use of advanced materials and the essence of Made in Italy, the firm offers personalized and original solutions for the redefinition of spaces, designing and producing counter-frames and movement systems for sliding windows and doors. 

Founded in Italy in 2001, Protek has become a worldwide presence thanks to a distribution network of specialized dealers. Since 2016 it has been on the market with the trademark Protek+Design, the line that offers unusual solutions to optimize spaces, creating new identities for interiors.

One very timely trend is represented by the project Bigfoot GIO’ – Modulo MyOffice, a solution created to adapt inhabitable areas to the new needs of remote working, formulating comfortable workstations that fit perfectly into the domestic setting.

Efficiency and functional quality meet aesthetics and innovation, where essential lines become precious design details, giving rise to a sliding, vanishing modular system available in two versions: Architectural for cladding in plasterboard panels or similar materials, and Interior, conceived for cladding in boiseries and rigid panels.

The systems have been designed with a foldaway table-desk, spacious storage compartments and areas for electrical sockets, providing the comfort necessary for a practical and efficient working position that can vanish at any moment, allowing the user to reclaim the space utilized.

Traditional modules and elements for leisure time, bookcases and pantries that alternate with fitness or entertainment equipment: every solution benefits from a high level of personalization, thanks to the various colors and finishes in aluminium, HPL laminate and Fenix.

With its practical elegance, Bigfoot GIO’ – Modulo MyOffice stands out as a useful furnishing complement in contemporary homes, which are increasingly organized as dynamic spaces in constant evolution.