Aline Work by Alias Design Dante Bonuccelli
Aline Work by Alias Design Dante Bonuccelli

The office of the future is hybrid, fluid, ultra-flexible. For some time now, workspaces and their dynamics have been at the center of the hot issues pertaining to the world of design. The office, after all, is a place that has gone through remarkable transformations in recent years, reshaping social parameters and traditional furnishings, and opening up to a new identity. Today what emerges is the idea of a nimble, smart office, ready for easy reconfiguration depending on uses, encouraging social contact, teamwork and sharing. Design generates new solutions to drive this recent evolution of workspace, and a product like Aline Work by Alias is a perfect representation of this trend.

Created by the architect and designer of Argentine origin Dante Bonuccelli, Aline Work is a multifunctional mobile divider that becomes a sound-absorbing divider panel, a double-face bookcase, a single-face bookcase, a coat rack, desk, monitor stand or vertical garden. Seven different configurations arise from a simple aluminium frame, set on two elegant trestles equipped with wheels. This simple ‘micro-architecture’ is the core of the project, revealing a multitude of uses, adapting to the widest range of contexts and purposes with the addition of tops and accessories attached to the framework and functioning as structural parts.

The ‘degree zero’ of the Aline Work concept calls for a sound-absorbing divider panel attached to the frame, ensuring spatial organization while providing a display on which to place notes and drawings. This leads to a world of possibilities: adding spacious aluminium shelves, it is possible to create a practical bookcase, as a double-face model (with shelves approached from both sides) or a single-face version (asymmetrical shelves on one side, and a sound-absorbing panel-display on the other).

Aline Work can also be arranged as a coat rack – just insert the hangers and a shelf – placed at the entrance, or in service spaces. Incorporating a worksurface and shelves, users can create a desk version: an easily moved personal work corner. In relation to increasingly technological and hybrid offices, Aline Work also acts as a monitor stand, thanks to an additional panel built into the frame for the attachment of a screen, with a tray for cables and accessories.

Ideal for open-plan areas, efficient in its reorganization of workspaces and teams, Aline Work responds to many trends in the contemporary office. Even in terms of biophilic design. The insertion of planters permits the creation of a green wall, a true vertical garden, bringing nature inside modern working space.