Nubi, catalogo by WallPepper®/Group
Nubi, catalogo by WallPepper®/Group

Beauty and sustainability, two concepts that go hand in hand in the wallpapers created by WallPepper®/Group: because the focus on space, context and architecture cannot be simple aesthetic, but has to involve all-around wellbeing. This wide-ranging and very timely vision reveals the spirit of the company founded by Diego Locatelli, the key for interpretation of its creations. The materials are eco-compatible, free of PVC and certified; maximum focus on the environment, thanks to responsible production with a minimum of ecological impact.

Fuji nuance, catalogo WallPepper®/Group

Areca Deep, catalogo WallPepper®/Group

Sustainability is a value that has belonged to the company from the outset, back in 1981, when it was still a workshop specialized in high-quality photographic printing. At the time, the extreme care went into ways of disposing of the chemical products used in the analog printing process, along with ways of recovering the silver from film, the quality of the air in the workspaces, the use of water-based inks and cotton-based paper.

Cristalli, catalogo WallPepper®/Group

Today the company specializes in wallcoverings and decorations, and the approach has been expanded. The material par excellence for the printing of the patterns is 100% ecological WP/Smooth TNT, composed of cellulose and textile fibers derived mainly from agave leaves, completely free of PVC, with good mechanical strength and resistant to fire and light. WP/Smooth is odorless, breathable, anti-allergic, with great decorative impact thanks to the physical characteristics that make it extraordinarily velvety to the touch (and also easy to clean with a damp cloth).

Bananier, catalogo WallPepper®/Group

WP/Smooth has UL, AgBB and Nordic Swan certification, and it complies with the Greenguard Children & Schools standards. Every design, from the many lines offered in the catalogue to the custom creations, is made to measure, adapting the decorations to the size of the wall, implying precise calculation of material requirements to minimize waste and optimize energy consumption.

Embrace, catalogo WallPepper®/Group

Bird on peach blossom, catalogo WallPepper®/Group

Thanks to this philosophy, the solutions by WallPepper®/Group in construction projects (residential or commercial) facilitate achievement of LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, awarded for sustainable and energy-efficient buildings. The collection for 2022 also reflects these parameters, with a range of figurative and abstract graphic designs that concentrate on the natural world, with enveloping shadings and nuances in a pastel palette.