Villa FZ
Villa FZ

Can a large ceramic slab become an ideal representation of lightness? The project of Villa FZ is affirmative proof of this conceit. The architecture stands out with an almost aerial configuration in the densely populated urban panorama of Lido degli Estensi, a seaside resort in the province of Ferrara.

The architect Sergio Bizzarro of Studio Bizzarro & Partners and the architect Simone Savio have made this private residence unique in the surrounding context, relying on an original volume shaped by games of full and empty zones. The cladding by FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti and Iris Ceramica, inside and outside, amplifies the overall sense of delicacy, creating a rarified atmosphere, to touch and to experience in all its facets.

The villa is like a modern sculpture wrapped in green vegetation, initiating the sense of privacy sought by the owners. The architectural space is conceived as an inward flexing structure, free of openings towards the outside but marked by large glass doors facing the internal patio and the swimming pool.

While ensuring privacy, Villa FZ emanates a perception of airiness, also thanks to the matching of natural tones and white that expand the visual horizon and amplify the natural light, providing a large surface with which it can interact.

Here the protagonists are the facings by FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti: MaxFine Statuario Light marble in the 300×100 cm format covers the walls, which lead to the interior from the sheltered outdoor atrium. This material is accompanied by Pietra di Basalto Grigio by Iris Ceramica (in the format 120×60 cm) for the flooring, in a perfect joint effort of the two brands of the group.

Visual continuity is produced by neutral tones shifting into the domestic setting, where the stone effect is enhanced thanks to the Pietre MaxFine Lavica Grey (300×100 cm) by FMG. The fast pace of the volumes is also reflected in hints of forceful chromatic contrasts: as in the case of the double internal volume uniting two floors of the building, enhanced by the Marmi MaxFine Black Marquinia 300×150 cm with the Silky finish.

This strategy is clearly visible from the entrance and throughout the living area, becoming a focal point of the setting: the intense black backdrop crossed by slender white veins creates a dramatic surface detached from the uniformly pale perimeter. For horizontal or vertical, indoor or outdoor surfaces, the marble varieties and porcelain stoneware creations of the two brands generate a perfect context to protect and highlight Villa FZ, combining technical performance with distinctive aesthetic elegance.