Como in dialogue with its history, architecture, design and art

A trip through historical sites and unknown locations of a city and a territory: the Lake Como Design Festival now has an updated format, from 17 to 25 September, to tackle the theme of Neo-Nomadism

Lake Como Design Festival - Museo delle scienze Casartelli
Lake Como Design Festival - Museo delle scienze Casartelli

Knowing and remembering become even more crucial in an era of globalization. The fourth edition of the Lake Como Design Festival offers a cultural pathway of discovery through the local territory, relying on exhibitions, talks and events scattered around the city and its lake, for an international audience.

Erranti: “Scultura da viaggio 87-97”, Bruno Munari

With an even stronger focus on the mingling of art and design, this year’s edition – from 17 to 25 September – approaches the theme of Neo-Nomadism. The investigation of new cultural and practical forms of nomadism, without overlooking the phenomenon throughout human history, reveals new developments in dynamics of economic difficulty and climate change. The event also becomes a way of reflecting on how the constant movement of people has set the tone of our era, also influencing creativity.

Erranti: “Art. 21”, Sandro Mele

Erranti is a group exhibition curated by Francesca Alfano Miglietti (FAM) and organized at Palazzo del Broletto, Palazzo Mugiasca and the Casartelli Museum of Science, calling on Italian and international artists and designers to create works resembling ‘guides,’ because to err, to wander is part of the history of humankind, a history made of movement, diversity, exchange.

Independent designers, makers of editions and contemporary design galleries have been the players in an open call at the Casartelli Museum, with the possibility of selling their works – starting on 16 September – in an online auction, an exclusive collaboration with the digital platform Catawiki.

Casa Bianca, a residence opening to the public for the first time, houses Galerie Philia
Galerie Philia: Cala coffee table, design Draga & Aurel – Photo © Federica Lissoni

The historic residence on Lake Como known as the Casa Bianca will be open to the public for the first time. In collaboration with Galerie Philia, it will contain a selection of installations created with a transcultural approach, illustrating the potential of a network of harmoniously interconnected roots.

Lake Como Design Festival: Villa Gallia

The splendid setting of the 17th-century Villa Gallia hosts In Search of Lost Time, a group show of contemporary designers inspired by the great work by Marcel Proust and curated by Movimento Club, the project promoted by Artefatto, which works like a sort of nomadic gallery.

Finally, the journalist Prashanth Cattaneo is the coordinator of the talks, titled Refreshment, held at the portico of the Broletto. This year also sees the return of the guided visits organized by Wonderlake, with a special focus on Rationalist architecture in Como.